2-Month-Old Baby Dies in Hospital After He’s Found Unresponsive, and Mom Is Charged with Murder

Authorities have charged Danielle Radue with first-degree felony murder, but have not disclosed an alleged motive


Me Again don’t feed the child frozen grapes they can choke

Me Again don’t feed the child frozen grapes they can choke

No hotdogs or anything smooth and round for the love of God! Don’t ghost your child when he gets more attention than you!

We all fear you might take him out via grapes, Jesus how many people are actually scared for the child? 🤘🏼
Remember the dogs? Where the hell are they?


NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 11: Founder of One Hope Many Homes Thomas Keown (L) and Meghan Markle attend…

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Interesting theory going around the blogs

Interesting theory going around the blogs

The theory going around the blogs. We all thought Meghan played Harry but looking at the dynamics today some think Harry played Meghan. Harry wanted a kid, and he got it. And now that he has it he doesn’t need Meghan. That is why Meghan was so shell shocked today and so unsure. She isn’t in control anymore. AJ had an interesting observation that Harry is all in for this baby and the things he let…

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few thoughts

the baby, of course, is lovely and God Bless him especially with those two as parents. What struck me about the interview besides the fact they both were lying like crazy is how the power dynamic between Harry and Meghan has changed. Meghan was unsure of herself looking to Harry a lot. Harry was in charge and quite confident. That is a change. A big change. It is as if Harry has gotten what he…

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HM acknowledged a child in her speech last year.

HM acknowledged a child in her speech last year.

The child is accepted /title or no title/ HM did acknowledge it in her speech if you remember it. Some people assumed back then that maybe Eugenia was pregnant? Nope. Just curious where do people hear the rumour about arrest? She didn’t do anything without Harry’s knowledge and approval.

You know it’s not from me if anything I tell people not to believe that crap. It’s the peanut butter girl…

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she won’t be arrested LOL

she won’t be arrested LOL

I just want to people to stop with that silly arrest narrative. Whoever started off promoting it is totally off the rail. “MM will be arrested.” “MM is in custody.” … Right! And Harry is right with her in custody. lol MM was never pregnant. It was obvious. But they knew and accepted it. Nothing will change unless they file for divorce. But I don’t expect it will happen tomorrow.

I know anon and…

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Anon wants to know what a master is?

Anon wants to know what a master is?

Anonymous said:

Pin so their son Archie won’t have a royal title just be a master? what is a master?

I guess they don’t teach this anymore, Master and Mister, Master is the young formal part and Mister is a grown adult or Mr.

Thank you anon, 😎🌸👶🏼

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Anon said: it was obvious MM was never interested in the Royal Life

Anon said: it was obvious MM was never interested in the Royal Life

JD, its your blog and you can discuss and post on it whatever you want to. However the commie-globalist agenda …? I think its waaaaay too much.

It was obvious from the beginning that MM was never interested in the royal life. She didn’t even bother to pretend she would’ve followed the protocol at some point. Harry was an easy target and got played by those who possible promised he and MM fame and…

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