Mueller Report~ Timing is everything

Mueller Report~ Timing is everything

Read the Mueller report. It doesn’t say what you think it does. Mueller didn’t indict him because a sitting president can’t be indicted. He also says that he didn’t want to say he was guilty because he has not had a trial where he could defend himself. He then goes on to say that only Congress has that authority and they should continue the investigation. He makes it very clear that Trump isn’t…

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Meg and Cheating

TMZ has pics of Meghan with Cory in May 2016 when she started allegedly “dating” Harry, so CDAN got it right this time. It looks like the gloves are coming off.


I posted it early this morning along with the Aus outlet about backlash.

Yes, they are, and I just had it out with a bunch of sugars on Twitter. I was tagged for a conversation that started Oct. 31st.


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