Sunshine Sachs and Meghan deleting comments again

Meghan and her PR team are deleting best rated comments on this article – the first three top comments have been removed and it will be probably more:

It’s still a blood bath for gruesome twosome! As you see by 13K plus comments they are laughing all the way to the bank.  I know it’s hard not to leave a comment, these two deserve every bad comment. They are a joke to set this up.


The express is trolling hard

The express is trolling hard

So The Express just figured out that DoC is more popular than Meghan? Jabba the Hut is more popular than Meghan. Darth Vader would be a better dinner guest than Meghan. Voldemort is beloved compared to Meghan. 16,000 comments on DM for her re-appearance at Trooping and most agreed she is not exactly well-liked. So brilliant observation writers of The Express (I think Markle forgot to pay them…

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