Where did everyone go????

A brief two years, and we are seeing a lackluster attempt by M and H to produce any photo op of, or for that matter, any public statement by any of her “Friends.” It seems there are few left who want that spotlight again.

Where have all of their supporters gone? Do George Clooney and Amal have no interest in praising their dear friends Harry and Megan for taking this “courageous stand” against the royal family? Or has Amal smartened up and seen the negative way the association will harm her career as a lawyer (now in Prince Charles’s inner circle).

No one can make you look more like a lightweight professional than Megan can. Look what she has done for Harry.

What about Serena and her endorsement of Megsy’s connection with Away luggage? Megsy somehow forgot to communicate Away had major problems (as she only saw as far as the free luggage and a payday) at Away luggage, and the staff were rebelling over their treatment, i.e., hours, pay, discrimination generally.

Nacho…how is that cologne “Windsor” doing/ Oh yes, the Harkles forgot to tell you they were on a path to totally destroy that name Windsor, but as dear friends, they failed to pass this along to you. I hope you did not give up your Ralph Lauren Polo connection because that Windsor cologne is going to spiral out of view and you will need Ralph’s patronage for all that Polo playing. Elton…

why don’t you call and offer them your place any more…or your planes?

Oprah, we need a photo op with you to promote our mental health series, or at least to be included on your whirlwind tour of the provinces to promote a healthy diet/eating (remember “Avocadogate with Daniel Martin”)? Or are you rethinking (or is Apple re-thinking your documentary deal?” ).

Where is everyone I ask???? Or have they simply decided that maybe they never really knew these two people? The wedding they were dying to attend, the connections they were dying to get, so they just looked past the blatant personality disorder they were witnessing and all of the pr of Megsy, and were blinded by the potential for a royal wedding invite.

I used to have some regard for the Clooneys and their ilk for their clearly humanitarian platforms. I just assumed that they researched, discussed, analyzed; basically they did all of their due diligence before they supported something or someone. But no… George, Nacho, Amal, Serena, Oprah all excitedly moved toward the goal of embracing and defending the ” z list” cable actress and her less than stellar momentum with regard to managing her new role. By their association they are all now tainted by that association and their own status has been diminished and is irreparably harmed by it.

What is that expression “be careful what you wish for”. They could not wait to get into her circle and now, they are.

Excellent read! MM and H made the ultimate faux pas, suing the press and stepping back from Royal duty.  One thing you never do is to mess with the press.  These hungry celebs know when something is to hot handle. 

Don’t forget these celebs have pay to play foundations, and since we are all up into MM and H dirty foundations, the Delaware tax fraud. We know MM had set up frim fram before she met Harry.  They open themselves up for scrutiny. How much really goes to charity and how much land in their pockets. 

Everyone cashing in their royal connection is doomed!  I bet that MM was getting a kickback for these ideas. 

Sarri found the tweets from Serena’s husband that point to the gold digger using them. God Bless him.  You know that MM slept with Bret Ratner, and Serena was seriously dating him. I do wonder if the gold digger went after Alexis Ohanian. 

MM isn’t the good friend material; she places to many demands on friends like she did with Posh. Megsy turned around and accused her of leaking, how rich Meghan you got Harry to believe that nonsense. 

The only person that can’t see this is Harry, and he looks like shit in his latest picture by Splash News, Meghan’s favorite go-to pap. I’m sorry, but Meghan is such a dick head. 

Thank you anon! Keep sending them in.