Un f@cking believable!

This Obama official promoted her Russia’s conspiracy theories on MSNBC on a daily basis. In reality, she knew nothing. The Dem. Party is a total disgrace. Will Adam Schiff face the outcome of his lies. None of them had any evidence of collusion whatsoever.

In a way, I’m totally shocked and they kept on perpetuating the lie over and over again!  I can’t wait for Liddle Adam the pedo to start his shit! They ought to take him away to the funny farm. 

They were playing this song on twitter but I think this is spot-on for the lunatics on the left.

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M3thods tweets! He is an amazing researcher! We love him!


I’ll be posting that here!

DM – Piers Morgan: Trump may look on like he’s on the ropes

PIERS MORGAN: Trump may look like he’s on the ropes but he’s got US jobs flying, ISIS chiefs dying, and desperate Democrats launching an impeachment bid they can’t win – all of which spells a stunning KO in 2020


Piers Morgan with the knock out of truth! I love his boxing analogy.

Trump floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee; that’s what he is doing to Democrats. They took the bait, hook, line, and sinker. Go for it impeach me!

The ever stupid bag of Schiff never thought in a million years a sitting president would ever release a transcript with a foreign president. You dumb Schiff he set you up, we all laughing at you now.  With the FISA report coming, the bag of Schiff will look even sadder, aww.

I realize that the hatred of the never Trumper bag of Schiff will not stop there, No Way! He’ll go kicking and screaming as they drag his ass out of the capitol, shouting, “He is a Russian Asset!” just like his insane boss Hillary Clinton and his brother-in-law George Soros.

Nobody likes bags of Schiffs; they smell and draw flies. This blogger thinks it’s time to pick the Schiff up in California and throw it in the trash.  It carries diseases, and nobody needs that Schiff.

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can you believe it?

Adam Schiff: The transcript of the President’s call is the best evidence. The whistleblower may no longer be needed. —– LOllOZ . Of course, not. He should have told the truth. There is no whistleblower. There is a former CIA official who reportedly has/had ties to Brennan and Biden. 

This is a disgusting process!  Watch this one, they said there is no reason to have closed-door hearings. They are outright lying, leaking, and cherry-picking.  

Dan Bongino Show Ep.1083 Trump Counterattacks as Schiff Collapses

Why I post Dan because I’m a fan! He makes sense to me.

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