DM~ REports Tatler- Inskip banished

DM~ REports Tatler- Inskip banished

True! It wasn’t just Inskip! Skippy, unfortunately, got the brunt of it.  They were protecting Harry; they all smelled Narc social climber and knew precisely what she had done at Soho House. It gets around. This is the re-introduction…

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MM Iron Anon

Anonymous said:

I know what. Why don’t we all chip in and buy her an iron as a house warming gift! 😀😀😀😀 #ironyourclothesmeghan

I doubt she will get much use out of it now she has been banished to the countryside! She can put her Wellies to use now! Perhaps we can buy her a frog net! Haha!
Apparently all those staff members she starts hounding at 5AM aren’t being told to make sure she…

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