Good find grandmabarb love it


This is so true , it is brilliant



Meghan got owned. By a black woman from Birmingham. Don’t mess!

This needs to go VIRAL!!! Please make it go viral. Listen to the screams of the sugars of racism… ‘silence’ 


This woman is freakin’ awesome …

No sugarcoating here Megs … you better pull your head in

Good find @grandmabarb​  love it! 


Dishonest liberal media~ Blatant lies

Dishonest liberal media~ Blatant lies

MCALLEN, TX – NOVEMBER 03: Immigrant children read at an aid center after being released from U.S. government detention on November 3, 2018,in McAllen, Texas. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and ICE, dealing with a surge of asylum seekers, have been releasing recently arrived families, pending immigration court dates, despite continued official “zero tolerance”…

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Out of the Gate~ Twitter~ State bill outlaws use of FETUSES in food~ Truth is stranger than fiction

Many of the swamp creatures are eating this in California, I know hard to believe! Drain the Swamp! Why do you think they want 3rd term abortions?

How did we miss this one? Congratulation you are all trolls👏🏼@Peter Sheridan

How did we miss this one? Congratulation you are all trolls👏🏼@Peter Sheridan

Let me show who wrote this.  I’m going to be doing an info dump this week, and Peter Sheridan pay attention

Cruel Meghan Markle trolls blast Royal Family as ‘stupid’ and ‘arrogant’ after they threaten to report abusive…

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barbarella 64 posts~ Senior members of the royals STILL not met baby Archie

Better hurry up and change this decree

Harry and Meghan have chosen not to give their son a courtesy title.

However, a royal decree made over 100 years ago by the Queen’s grandfather George V in 1917, means that Archie will automatically gain HRH status, as will all grandchildren on the direct male line of the sovereign.