Robert Pattinson: Really? He looks like heroin addict

Robert Pattinson selfportrait taken in April while in isolation in London.

Robert Pattinson on Being Batman Tenet and Life in Isolation

Batman is clean-cut and not high as a kite, fire the PR!



because you were talking about batman and Robert Pattinson

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The link doesn’t want to cooperate with me. Rob hasn’t been working out for the part, that’s not good. His co-star Zoe Kravitz has been working out 5 times a week.

Will this be another disaster for DC comics?

Rob is wrong for the part. He lacks discipline.

Batman Teaser Trailer Concept

We are chatting behind the scenes about Ben Affleck and his stupid pap strolls. We start talking about Batman and I said I saw some articles that were talking Pro Ben when Sarri tells me they picked Robert Pattison. Really? I have to go looking and I find a teaser trailer concept.

Watch this video and tell me what you think of this potential Bruce Wayne. My opinion is he still looks like a vampire and is totally wrong for the part.  I think the studios will lose big, you guys are stupid!

Pay Henry Cavill what he is asking for and let’s get on with life. Regardless of the rumors, Henry Cavill is Superman. What are you waiting for Henry to grow older?  Henry Cavill stood tall to promote all the movies and he did it with a sense of duty and honor as Superman should. He has millions of fans that love and adore him. You’re 🤬ing around with him because you’re cheap!  You spent what was it $69 million to hide the king stash, WTF is wrong with you?

I really believe that DC entertainment is really screwing up this beloved series that all age groups can enjoy. I watched all the cartoons and the beloved series as I was growing up. DC  wake up or says Fuck it!