Blind Items

I know you don’t overly believe blind items JD just the mess in Texas is reminding me of at least 2 that have come out recently.

Meghan not being seen leaving the airport with the other cast member, staying at a separate hotel etc this come to mind. Perhaps her cast mates have been giving bits away for a while now.

#1 – This B+ list mostly television actress from a very hit long-running cable show has been a no show for filming for the upcoming season. There had been some bad blood at the end of last season between her and some others but everyone thought it was all good at this point.

The reading in a British accent reminding me of a Feb blind that Meghan was the answer.

This Los Angeles born B list mostly television actress has gone the way of Madonna and the Goopster.


While promoting her new show she has started using a British accent.

She says it is because she just absorbs languages and accents.

Uh huh.

Most people say it is because she is annoying and thinks she is better than everyone.

Megan Markle

Nutty, I feel the same way about the blinds, they do have me reading more of them especially with Henry Cavill.  Is her cast mates dropping hints? It’s looking that way.