Anon submitred: Young Brexiteers fight to see EU flag removed from home town

Lee Sibley is a well known political Activist. Who is widely known for petitions to ‘ban Homework,’ ‘Sack Sadiq Khan as London Mayor’, and the Petition to remove Ecotricity EU flag.

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Lee and other fellow patriots wrote too Patrick Arran, who is the legal and interim officer of Stroud District Council.

Lee received a disappointing response from Patrick and the council. Despite a good turnout of emails in support. Unfortunately, none of these officers at Stroud District council listened.

We can reveal that Mr. Sibley wrote many times to Patrick, and he should have referred to the council complaint procedure, which states that you have the right to move up levels.

Here’s what their procedure says on the council’s website:

We define a complaint as “an expression of dissatisfaction with the Council, its service or its staff.”
When we receive a complaint from you, we will:

Reply to you fully within 10 working days. If we cannot respond fully in that time we
will tell you who is dealing with your enquiry and when you can expect a full response
investigate your complaint promptly
put the matter right as soon as possible
send you a written apology where we’re at fault
learn from our mistakes and advise you of the changes we intend to make as a result of your complaint
provide you with information about making a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman if you are not happy with how we have handled your complaint”

Their’s different levels from Level 1, level 2 and level 3 which is the ombudsman. Despite, veterans also writing on the petition, this was not listened and in fact ignored.


A lot of people emailed SDC to say how offensive this EU flag is. Yet nothing, was achieved and so level 2 complaint and we will be in talks with the ombudsman after writing up a report.

Lee Petition, which is on, states the following: “wheres the respect for people?
Well, sadly, there is none, and it continues to stay up and know It has offended people. It’s also shouldn’t be allowed as a business people will feel unwelcome and at the end of the day its a shove in the face.
The question we should be asking is, what is the European Union giving him in subsidies?
There’s no blatant respect and ignorance, as well as nobody has a say!
Also, 17.4 million electorates voted back in 2016 to get their respect back, and this was from the decision which should have been respected from day one. Yet we have people like Dale Vince who fly this flag, which is offensive to a lot of people, including veterans.
Think about those veterans who voted to leave, and they see this very daunting flag.”

Please sign the petition:

Young BREXITEERS feel as though they are being ignored and not listened too either. Yet the councils and establishment prices themselves on listening to future generations!

Lucian Aeris is also a well-known activist in Stroud.

What do you think about this situation?


What do I think?  I think Lee Sibley is a brave young man, and I look forward to him becoming an MP and fighting for the rights of the British people. I’m so proud of him!  He captured my heart with his support of our President and coming out against that little prick of a mayor Khan.

I support the decision and vote of the people of the UK to leave the EU and the right to fly the Union Jack proudly without having to fly George Soros EU flag of corruption and wokeness.  If you are offended by the EU flag, you have that right to protest its removal. You’re British!  Don’t ever stop traditions

My British cousins are brave, smart, and loving people, but they aren’t a bunch of pushovers. Never mistake kindness for stupidity.

Here is my solution for everyone all over the world, VOTE Like your life depends on it, cause it does!


Lee, don’t give up, keep filling out forms, and I pray that someone comes forward to help guide you, you’re on to something. Never give up. No surrender!

Thank you for your submittal, send more, and I’d be happy to make awareness! 😎🥰💂🏼‍♂️💂🏼‍♀️