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The line-up of women she admires includes celebrities, politicians, and activists known for championing issues such as diversity, body positivity, transgender rights, and climate change.

Yes, she is shooting for politics; she is preaching the far-left agenda. MM is another AOC. Those two could be twins! 

Kate was also the cover star of the Vogue centenary issue in 2016. However, rarely has a collaboration been so ‘woke’ – a political term for being socially aware over issues such as race and sexual equality.

😹😹😹😹😹😹 Woke? I’m crying laughing the Democratic far-left voodoo,  New World Order, George, and Hillary speak. Put the joint down Meg! Such a Narcissist!

Look at the photograph of M. Black and white, high definition, moody, strong, this woman wants us to think she means business.


My chief beef is that most of these ‘game-changing women’ have been chosen because of what they are rather than what they do. Vogue and Meghan might be desperately sincere about promoting them and ushering in this brave new world but it is still hard to escape the overspill of glutinous self-regard that marinates the entire project.

😹😹😹I love Jan Moir too, and she is brilliant, original and snarky


Love Jan Moir, this isn’t even shady, it’s just straight-talking, go for it Jan!

Words fail me. What a load of self-indulgent, virtue signalling bollocks.

I Felt an explanation of the very British word bollocks was appropriate JD Useful in all situations Often used when nothing else quite hits the spot. 😁

14th Century (as 'ballocks') English term which has grown numerous useful applications within today's language: 1. Term of exasperation, often at having made a mistake. 2. As a plural noun, the bollocks are the testicles. 3. Exaggerated truth or blatant lies. 4. Unfathomable rubbish; corporate management speak, e.g. 'blue-sky thinking', 'touch base', and 'thinking outside the box'. 5. Poor or bad effort, esp. with media references. (The more bollocks, the worse the event.) 6. When the bollocks belong to a canine, the inverse meaning of (5.) comes into play, though nobody knows quite why. This meaning appears to date back from 1989. 7. To 'drop a bollock' is to commit a social faux-pas leading to grave embarrassment. 8. A 'bollocking' is a telling off, often by one's boss for an inadequate or incomplete piece of work, or inappropriate behaviour. 9. To lack bollocks is to be gutless, spineless and generally lack courage. This is not used inversely for the word 'balls' covers this application. 10. As a verb, to 'bollocks' or to be 'bollocksed' it to flummox or be flummoxed; confuse or be confused. 11. If a piece of machinery is bollocksed, it is broken or rendered unusable either temporarily or permanently. 12. To be 'bollock-naked' it to be completely without clothing, save for a few relatively unimportant items such as socks, watch, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings or other body jewellery. 13. To be 'bollocksed' also means to have imbibed an amount of alcohol which has eliminated a dangerously high number of brain cells causing a lack of social and spatial awareness, incoherent speech and the inability to believe that you're not as drunk as you are, you're not as unattractive in that state as you are, and that you don't rule the world.

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However American people, beware, there is a darker side to this, this woman has big ideas, the biggest.
Harry is just the stepping stone for her political ambitions.

Meghan’s song!

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Kitty!! As you were saying everything is connected and Schmegma is one. When MM started spitting political BS, it was an aha moment for me. Many of the followers were saying,  “JD, you are going to kill your blog.” Nope, it was worth it!



This WOKE New World Order speak in full force. PR agencies, talent agencies are being paid to promote team Hillary and George Soros narrative while private jetting and self-indulgences.



Bloggers are making serious accusations against team Killary with the wiki leaks via Julian Assange.


We know some shady stuff went down with MM and the Royals, IMO, she is the distraction. I’ve tried to avoid her as she causes severe indigestion, headaches, lip-smacking I call it Markilitis.  If she comes your way, run to the ladies room, claim period pain. Markle is a self-aggrandizing pain in the ass.  MM demands full loyalty or your out, ghosted!

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This undated handout photo issued on July 28, 2019 by Kensington Palace shows Britain’s Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Patron of Smart Works, in the workroom of the Smart Works London office. – Prince Harry’s wife Meghan will guest edit the September issue of iconic fashion magazine British Vogue, which will see her in “candid conversation” with former first lady Michelle Obama. (Photo by @SussexRoyal / KENSINGTON PALACE / AFP) / XGTY / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE – MANDATORY CREDIT “AFP PHOTO / @SUSSEXROYAL” – NO MARKETING NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS – NO COMMERCIAL USE – NO THIRD PARTY SALES – RESTRICTED TO SUBSCRIPTION USE – NO CROPPING OR MODIFICATION – DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS / (Photo credit should read @SUSSEXROYAL/AFP/Getty Images)




I suppose she hates the English people because most think she is full of 💩. Meghan’s PR stunt at Wimbledon is a prime example of her treacherous attitude to my cousins the Brits.  Harry married her, so this his fault for not keeping her in line.


Young feminist might fight me on this one, tough nuggets!


When you marry you become a team regardless of your situation,


Meghan and Harry have failed miserably, and they’re out of control hypocrites! Massive Spending and do, as I say, is bogus malarky from two twits that just don’t get it.


Last note, Enty said, MM was looking for a house in LA in the 10 million dollar range, also said that she is demanding to be paid 400,000 pounds from the crown. No wonder Prince Charles took them off the list. Who is going to pay them now?


We all know Schmeg doesn’t want Africa. She wants LA, if they allow this, they are so screwed!


Thank you, Kitty!!! 😹😹🌸😎🐱‍👓