Why you gotta to be so mean?

Why you gotta to be so mean?

Social Media Keyboard Warriors, or are they Shills?
The President of the United States Twitter Account

I like to stop by the president’s twitter account and see what’s up, maybe say Hello and add a positive comment. Today, I started reading some of the people’s comments to our President and boy was I shocked!  My grandmother would have washed my mouth out with soap!

When did we become so…

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Staff must be loyal to MM

Staff must be loyal to MM

Sorry, but to pull the bump, off MM would need a bloody loyal staff member 🥵 to help her tight dresses. They must be paid a lot and MM is nice.

From Anons we received over the last two years have said she is not nice to underlings.  The Staff or Prince Harry would have to help her into that I agree.   They are not paid a lot, not enough for at least one PA to stay around.
Rule #1, being the boss…

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