DM- Jeffrey Epstein was invited to Beatrice’s 18th birthday along with Uncle Harvey

I’d like to tell you to stay focused on Prince Andy Dandy’s problem instead of Smegula, but bloggers are going to blog.


DM- Jeffrey Epstein was invited to Beatrice’s 18th birthday along with Uncle Harvey

I’d like to tell you to stay focused on Prince Andy Dandy’s problem instead of Smegula, but bloggers are going to blog.


400,000 pounds sterling were spent on a birthday party that included Hollywood A-listers.  There’s your tax money hard at work! When was last time you spent 65k on flowers for your kids birthday party?  or any party for that matter? 215,000k on food, really? You could buy a decent middle-class 3 bedroom house for that price.


A decision will have to be made after the Queen departs this world. I can see why Prince Charles would want the Royal family to shrink. It’s this abuse of power that will be there undoing.

David Cameron lands role in US firm AL ~ Daily Mail

Thank you to Lila for finding the article, not only does Beatrice work there but so do half a dozen of the Royal friends work there as well.  Inskip, Jules, if you look at the JA wedding there a bunch that works there, and it was some kind of online gambling software last time I checked. What does this company really do?

she ain’t going

I know people really want her gone, but it looks to me like the RF is unable to do anything. Unless major dirt is released like the merching or how she actually got involved with stupid as dirt Harry nothing makes her move. And this USWeekly article about her wanting her own SM accounts shows she is still plotting and planning that shows she intends to stay for at least a while.

I also think now because of that ridiculous Dior tent she wore that she was trying for the Oscars and got shut down hence why the Morocco trip was planned last minute. Keep her away from the Oscars. But I am betting she wants the Met Gala, so baby will be born in time for her to make that and drag the royal gelding with her. Serena is a co-host of the Met Gala so Megsy will want her chance to walk the ultimate celeb red carpet.


Thank you anon, BINGO! You nailed it! There isn’t any incentive for her to go away as you said and even if it were to come out, I think she would love every minute of it.

Meg wants SM, she gets what she wants, even though I think she is Sussex squad but to be out in the open for all her racist worshippers, a dream come true.

The tent dresses she sometimes wears, the wedding tent with the toilet paper hat and now this, no time to hem it as usual.

Meg secured her Met gala with her Serena, now Beatrice usually goes to this, we shall see if Bea goes.


thank you anon 🌸😎

Beatrice getting a CC admission… this sort of leans towards proving the Andrew is part of the circus theory. Hmmm. If true, then it is quite sad. I suppose Monsieur airmiles will very nicely squeeze an earldom out of Charles for Jack. Whilst I don’t oppose that, I find it quite a filthy way to go about it. I found the theory at first far-fetched, but it’s making sense. Keep your enemies close, and your family close, I say! Been wondering over the sudden schmoozing by Fergie of the Queen.

Yes, go figure, but her apartment is not going to be in use at St James Palace. Bea will be spending most of her time in NYC. Prince Andrew is tired of paying for it, parents! Lol (I’d would do the same). 

 We know that’s the writing is on the wall, I get where he is coming from, why do male heirs get the bells and whistles and a blood princess can’t even call her children Lourdes and ladies? Right? It’s a smack in the face. If it’s just a title then who cares. Jack seems to be kind, hard working.

Forgot about the drama of A and S, the girls have been loyal to granny and never been entirely scandalous, I heard they are lovely girls.  Eugenie has always been there for Harry, found him a beautiful girl but in the long run, it wasn’t for either one, that’s why these things take time.  

Jumping into this with American Z-lister actress, attention seeker, leaker, likes to hear her own voice, scandalous women is a better fight then the Yorkies at this time. 

I will let you know initial investigation tells us all roads lead back to the Yorks but dead ends. MM tried to get into the circle with the Yorks, starting with Mischa, paddle 8 Alex Gilkes it didn’t work. Marcus had to find another way in. The Wimbledon tennis match she had just met those girls that day.  Her connection to Soho House, Ron Burkle, Prince Andrew helped them get loans. It always dead ends, unless someone has credible evidence.  Oh right, Sarah on the scene, Krueger and Cowne are the same PR as MM. 

Prince Andrew helps young entrepreneurs, businesses for England, more revenue the more than a state can make for essential services for England.  I know there has been the scandal, and that’s for y’all to decide, but the man is dedicated to England’s future.  He made himself an incredible fortune, and now Bea is working with him.  I wish them luck and bringing investments to England. 

Thanks very much, sorry it was so long 💖💖💖💖🌹🌹