Princess Beatrice looks beautiful and young ~ must be love ~ I’m proud of you

Fresh-faced: Princess Beatrice, 30, arrived for the festive lunch after a night out in London hangout Annabel's with friends


Anon Time!! Princess Eugenie Looked Beautiful

Anon Time!! Princess Eugenie Looked Beautiful said:
Good Morning JD, Eugenie looked so beautiful in her dress. It fit her very well. I think it was a medieval-inspired style, but I’m not sure. Jack looked at her with such love. They are such a good match and are really in love. Their wedding makes me want to have another wedding with my husband.
It was such a lovely day, so refreshing to see how…

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Beautiful Ceremony!

This what a BED approved wedding looks like! All great-grandchildren who can walk are in the bridal party (which will means a who’s who in official wedding party pictures) with special roles for the Lady Louise and Viscount Severn. Anne looks fabulous. Eugenie is glowing!!!

I agree with you anon, I loved every moment of it. Thank you so much! 🥂�🌸🌸😎

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Anon Time!! Eugenie Wedding

Her dress is gorgeous, she has a proper chignon. And the Queen’s emerald tiara I have coveted for years. She looks like the Princess she is. They look serious, as they should on such a day. A proper Royal wedding. I might actually shed a tear or two here. And no, that’s not sarcasm!

Thank you anon, I agree with you, Eugenie exceeded expectations! I did well up