You can smell desperation within seconds of being exposed to it!

I see that the person formerly known as Malibu Markle may be revising her strategy. Malibu Markle has not appeared on the horizon recently as a house hunter; may be that is not in the cards any longer. Possibly the Hess family (Misha Noonoo Hess’s husbands family) want their house back and so the squatters must move on.

We now have a new strategy for wangling cash out of the BRF . I introduce the latest version of “Beggin Megan”, a hustler who will put out for a buck or two or three. She is now going from “the Japanese want us”, “I will only work with the A level directors’ and landed back with the rest of the bottom feeders she used to run with and now will, it appears, go with the highest bidder for a book, a talk show, a speaker for your conference, a voiceover.

You name it…” Beggin Megan” says she will do it. It escapes me what hand she thinks she is playing as she does not seem to know how to play her cards correctly. I believe the cards she has been dealt looked like a very good hand. However, the way she has been playing the hand she was dealt shows she is not master of the game. Beggin Megan will never “Trump” anyone with her gamesmanship. You have got to know when to “fold them”.

Beggin Meg! Times Up Meg! Shove off

Release the GINGER!