Chinese foreign minister warns Washington that it’s pushing relations to ‘the brink of a new Cold War’

  • China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Sunday rejected Washington’s ‘lies’ over the coronavirus
  • ‘It has come to our attention that some political forces in the US are taking China-US relations hostage,’ Wang told reporters during a press conference
  • Wang did not identify what ‘forces’ he was referring to, but US President Donald Trump has led world criticism of China’s initial response to the pandemic 
  • He said Beijing is open to an international effort to find the source of the virus 
  • Longstanding friction between China and the US over trade, human rights and a range of other issues have been pushed to new heights since the virus outbreak

Beijing accuses America of ‘inciting countries to demand compensation from China’ for coronavirus after hitting Australia with huge tariffs as payback for Covid-19 inquiry calls

  • China has accused the US of pressuring other countries into demanding compensation for coronavirus 
  • It comes amid an escalating economic war over a pandemic which has shuttered the global economy 
  • China has already put an 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley after country led calls for an investigation  
  • Australia has refused to rule out appealing to the WTO over the move, which China denies is punishment 

Fears of global trade war with China after Beijing slaps an 80 per cent tariff on Australian exports starting TODAY as brutal punishment for them demanding coronavirus inquiry – which was backed by 100 nations including the UK

  • Chinese government imposed a brutal and extraordinary 80 per cent tariff on Australian exports from today  
  • Diplomatic relations between nations deteriorated as Australia called for probe into the spread of coronavirus
  • Britain and 100 other countries also demanded inquiry, leading to fears UK could be dragged into trade war 
  • Chinese president Xi Jinping said today China acted ‘with openness and transparency’ in tackling outbreak

How dare you ask about Corona! You’re supposed to shut up and take the lockdown like a good little communist. We’ll punish you now since we control your water supply and livestock.

Do you see what these rat bastards are doing? Here are your globalists they sneakily came in and brought you out! What are you going to do about it?

In the US, they bought senators and congressmen and lockdown our states so we would ask them for a bailout.  They are literally bankrupting our country.

I’ve been saying this for years; we need to make our own shit!

This is what we need to say to China, fuck you! We can survive without your stuff! Turnaround and put the screws to them about water supply and livestock.

JD 🥰

CIA ‘believes China pressured WHO to publicly downplay the risk of coronavirus in January while Beijing hoarded medical supplies’

  • CIA reportedly believe China threatened WHO not to declare global emergency
  • Information echos German intelligence report that was revealed last week
  • Germany believes Chinese leader Xi Jinping asked WHO to delay a warning
  • WHO called the report’s shock claims ‘unfounded and untrue’ in a statement 
  • Chinese foreign ministry released a 30-page, 11,000 word screed refuting claims

Coronavirus DID leak from a Wuhan lab, Australian China expert claims, as he details why wildlife wet market theory ‘doesn’t stack up’ and accuses Beijing of a cover-up

  • Chinese scientists published paper saying the market doesn’t even sell the bats
  • Wuhan Institute of Virology believed to be the ‘only plausible source’ of the virus
  • Index case believed to be a female employee of the BSL-4 lab – now disappeared
  • Cell phone data analysis allegedly shows the lab suddenly shut down in October
  • Medical and scientific community increasingly suspicious of the Wuhan lab 
  • Inserted sequence of nucleotides in the RNA strand ‘could not be a mutation 

US intelligence that Donald Trump relied on to blame Wuhan lab for letting coronavirus escape shows China lied about human-to-human transmission, disappeared whistle-blowers and refused to help with vaccine

  • A leaked 15-page dossier from the ‘Five Eyes’ intelligence alliance says China’s secrecy over the pandemic is an ‘assault on international transparency’ 
  • The US, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand intelligence agencies have exposed a series of cover-ups
  • It claims Five Eyes found a ‘deadly denial of human-to-human transmission’
  • Researchers who tried to raise the alarm have been silenced or disappeared and evidence of the outbreak was destroyed, it adds 
  • Report shows China refused to hand over virus samples to develop vaccines
  • China also allegedly censored virus news on search engines from December  
  • The leaked files show the nations have evidence the virus was leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology 
  • Dr. Shi Zhengli’s research into deadly bat-derived coronaviruses was said to be  a concern, with at least one virus a 96% genetic match for COVID-19
  • Trump said he had seen evidence the virus may have been created in the lab
  • Australia has maintained the virus most likely came from the wet market  

China tried to patent potential coronavirus drug Remsvidir the DAY AFTER Beijing confirmed virus was transmissable between humans

  • On January 21 a patent for commercial use of Remdesivir was filed in China
  • The application was made by the top-secret Wuhan Institute of Virology bio-lab
  • It is at the centre of concerns about a possible leak of the coronavirus disease
  • Leaked documents shown that China officials who knew they faced an epidemic delayed warning the public for six days