Hi jersey I just have question about Henry Cavill I know he on holiday in Keys with friends nothing new to gossip about then just having with friends in FL and having life right also being handsome and kind right:? cause I’m starting worry him should I worry ?

Please don’t worry, the man entitled to spend his free time in paradise. What bothers me is someone may be following him, if we get another picture that someone in the background like that again, I will worry.  Most fans ask him for a photo. Be polite to him if you see him and ask “can I please take a picture” and don’t act like a stalker. It’s creepy! 

The drinking age in my state is 21, and we card rigorously. Spring break is coming up, and it’s going to be nuts this month in Florida. That means if he is out and fancies a girl, don’t complain, consenting adults.   I’d do him, don’t tell me as fans you wouldn’t. If your 21 or 55 he is game if he wishes. 

Thank you 💙💙💙