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Ain’t this cute….

PC has Amal and George Clooney as guests of honor at his Prince’s Trust Gala. Real sensitive PC just after the outrage over Amal throwing a half million shower and celeb fest plus the private jet trip for Megsy.

PC just effectively said hey that was okay! You know pay for play is going on here. Amal wants a gong a Damehood so contribute to PC’s charity and voila!

Did Meghan get paid to arrange this? WTF is wrong with PC? Reading the public mood wrong or just arrogant? Boy, I am really starting to think HM failed to pass the integrity gene down to her son PC and grandson Harry. This smells. Could PC really be so stupid as to buy into Meghan’s scam?

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I think that Dyed in Wool put it best, they are royal who are we to dictate to them.  Completely out of touch with the people who allow them to rule.  That’s what it’s looking like to me, you can buy your way into the palace.

I recently posted the article about Charles taking questionable Russian Billionaires money to renovate his house in Scotland and let the charities pick up the rest of the tab. He filled it with priceless Chippendale, just some old furniture he has lying around that belongs in a museum.

What in the hell is going on with them?  Markle made them look good and their numbers are rising, but for how long? More people like yourself are going to be outraged by this show of extravagance. Maybe it’s time they pay their own way.   Pay fair Market value to live in London, that’s a start.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎