How does Lisa Ling react if someone challenges her? This is too funny. I hope it gets back to him that she does this. We know for sure it is her?


rants about,  I’m his women, he chose me, intelligent, beautiful independent woman, Meghan will show waity,  he doesn’t care what you think, salty bitter tears, jealous much

I really hate to break it to you BUT she is very popular with the only person her popularity matters to…Harry. You and the bitter RDish and RGossip wretched can rage on and on and the end result is you are only feeding each others circular theories and hatred. Harry doesn’t care what you think. HE HAS HER…that’s al that matters to him at this point.

Sorry this took so long, I was running all over

Merry Christmas ANON !!!!

I love this one, how cray cray can you get 


What do you mean? KP itself doesn’t pay for positive articles. They exchange favors which hold no monetary value.


She has a PR team, cost money, she actually has 2 teams, they have to pay the street teams to post crap on the internet.

What favors are you talking about? are you in the know? comeback and tell us how this works? everybody want to know, please be our guest

Merry Christmas anon, com back please

December 24th, 2016

seems he has wrong friends now – maybe is isolated so she has undue influence – look – do not blame his friends – they try but at some point you need to take advise. agree – she gives him mothering he thinks – but not healthy nurturing – right now hard to know what he is up to – very tight control over this – most friends have no idea what is going on


Wow, sounds very controlling right now, got the vice on him. Start your own campaign, I guess you already have, so you have my attention and a bunch of other people, some press. What do suggest, what can we do to help Harry?

thanks anon

I think this is the one I’m looking for December 25th, 2016 

Yes Meghan was in Lindsay’s office when she rang Harry. Lindsay runs the Toronto office of her fathers firm.


You know this is sounded like conspiracy of MM part, so many of her players are profiting from HRH it’s disgusting, the paps strolls, 15k for a picture of her, wonder how much she has made so far?

If you have tips, we will run them down or point us in the right direction, it’ll get done. 

Merry Christmas anon, if you have more keep it coming

december 25th, 2016