Barr was right. They did spy on Trump and his campaign.

The Obama administration was engaged in the biggest political spying operation in US history.


Should we fasten our seatbelts? Fall is almost here.


Yep, I finally got to watch live last night since I started streaming.  The sad part is the left has tripled down to attack the president and outlets that are positive toward the president.


BlueShare is going lie, cheat, and steal whatever it takes to attack and hurt this president!


Horowitz report is right around the corner, and the memo was put out showing Clinton, DNC is the ones responsible for the FISA warrants. John Solomon points out that Obama knew about this!


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Benny Johnson tweets- Joe Biden grabs Co-Ed

What a jerk! He grabbed a girls arm, what’s up with that and what he said there are three sexes, really?


Here is a link to Scientific America lets see if you agree.


Charlie Kirk tweets Mitch McConnell in twitter jail and Biden spreads racist tweets

I just read the article you posted, JD

“Biden was approached by a Spanish-speaking man who claimed his brother had been deported during the Obama years. The man used a female translator to tell Biden his story and asked him to apologize for supporting such policies. He also asked if Biden would support halting deportations of illegal immigrants entirely.”

This is ABSOLUTELY unbelievable! They are ILLEGALS. They know very well they have no rights to live in the US without proper documents. And they are demanding an apology? For what? Many of them had to leave the country a long time ago.

They are still here. Now they have an excuse not to leave because they have families. Did they think about their families while living in the US illegally?

I didn’t vote for Trump. I didn’t vote for anyone. I stayed home because I could not vote for Hillary either. But now I see why Trump got elected. And he will be elected again if Dems don’t get their sh^t together. I have a family in Wisconsin. They are long-time Democrats, but they don’t like what they see. AOC, Ilham Omar, Rashida Tlaib … Pelosi cannot get anything done. Nothing. If the House doesn’t secure the border, I will vote for Trump next election.

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Thank you anon, you are just like me! Registered democrat and with the mudslinging last election, I couldn’t either, but I will now!

A very long time ago my boyfriend’s father was the Democratic chairman of my county, and I smelled the trick that Biden did. That is old school dirty politics, grandstanding.

Biden was beaten up by Kamala Harris, and yet he was ready, calm, relaxed and collected today, No frigging way!  Kamala sent him into a death spiral, and now Joe can answer in a clear, concise manner??  I loved how they used Obama to get away from the pack of socialists. The immigrant doesn’t know a lick of English for being here for how long?  Come on, man, lol.


I started researching after I watched a video that I have posted that said that Hillary Clinton and DNC brought and paid for the witch hunt against Trump with the help of the FBI deep state!  I can’t stand anyone being dealt dirty. Obama and Biden were in office and knew the Russians do this every election buying facebooks ads. It’s all bogus! Donna Brazil knows this happened. Steele dossier was made up disinformation yet they swore to FISA courts under oath that it was legit.  They continued to spy on American citizens, which is against the law. That’s why they went to London, Italy, and Australia. That is how desperate Hillary was to beat Trump. Thank God he won!


This is the month that revelations happen, like Jeffrey Epstein,  if they unseal the who at Epstein Island a lot of people are going down and it won’t be pretty!  Look for Hollywood and politicians on both sides.


One last thing, if you are a socialist then get out of the Democratic party, you may not belong there. Join Bernie Sanders.  It won’t be because of the color of your skin; it will be about political beliefs. Kick them to the curb!


The racism, gender-bending, man-hating, restricting free speech, ashamed of our country is over! Bye! George and Hillary!


Thank you anon, I appreciate the ask, 🌸😎💋

 Jets were flying overhead at the super bowl!

Our president did what other president did before him, and he showed that it is refreshing to love your country, that’s why he said, Make America Great Again

Let’s keep America great by voting for Trump

I am sick and tired of a fake outrage

The difference between Trump and the Clintons

Trump knew A LOT about Epstein and what he did to underage girls. In 2009 he cooperated with authorities and told them many things he knew.

The video is out there. Everyone can watch it. On the other hand, yesterday, Bill Clinton stated that he knew nothing about Epstein’s “horrible crimes.” Oh really? He flew on his private jet 24 or 26 times and heard nothing about Epstein’s dirty life? Anyone with a right mind will call it BS.


Let’s remember who President and VP were in 2009? Obama/ Biden. Who was the Secretary of State back then? Hillary Clinton. Who was the Speaker of the House? Nancy Pelosi. Who is in charge of the FBI? Bob Mueller.

Here were go … Acosta made a poor decision? Right. But there were a lot more important people who were involved in this case. Acosta will testify and bring those people down.


President Trump hinting again, they will be investigated; he has all his ducks in a row.  God sped Mr. P!  July is going to be a rough ride for Dems! FISA coming this month, be woke now, lol


Thank you anon, keep ’em coming! 🌸😎💋



Anon submits: Nothing to see there?

Read it. The liberal Guardian us saying “nothing to see there” but … the narrative will be used while going into 2020?

Well, it that’s the case, Horowitz would have said so, and no need for Durham to get appointed. They are worried. The Horowitz report has been delayed because Steele agreed to be interviewed by his team. None of them want to discuss the Steele dossier. None of them want to answer the FISA warrant questions. There is a lot to see. They know Mueller is done and gone.

Victor Hanson is right. Going into 2020, we will find out what the heck happened in 2015 or earlier.

In case you don’t know about Victor Hanson that we posted earlier, here is a link 


Those are just some of the highlights from the day that Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson — paid by Hillary Clinton’s campaign to find dirt on her GOP rival — met secretly with a top Justice Department official, right after Trump won the 2016 election.

I’m tired of these scares tactics that team Hillary is pumping out, it’s the chicken little story over and over again! The narratives are everywhere! From race-baiting, gender bender, nonbinary, to hate the president and it’s global!

That’s how I got into this mess, I started peeling the layers of this stinky onion, and the same narrative is all over Hollywood and Meghan Markle! I know weird right! It kept coming up in #metoo, Timesup, the Jussue Smollett case.  What the hell is going on?

Then @aeltrileaf on tumblr found the video that explained what dear #HillaryClinton and the DNC was up too. I listen to that three times and I might go over it some more. It’s damning!  FISHA warrants, GPS Fusion, integrity initiative, the Steele dossier that was bought and paid and paid for by Hillary Clinton. It’s on my front page and will remain there until the President of the United States is exonerated. You can feel that’s what the President wants that too.  I’m going to help him get the word out with links and open and honest debate.

I think together we can effectively fight for a duly elected president that has been railroaded because his only crime is being an outsider that claimed he wants to drain the swamp in Washington DC, a businessman that doesn’t drink or smoke and his kids aren’t a mess!

When AG Barr said things aren’t jiving, I believe him so passing this on to Durham a no holds bar type of prosecutor will bring what they can to light without hurting our intelligence community who are innocent and go out and carry on the good fight to keep our country free.  It’s only the top 1% that decided to take matters in their own hands with the help of Hillary Clinton and the DNC cronies.

I agree with you, they are worried and for good cause, time to remain silent and lawyer up, Obama, Clinton, Biden, and the clown posse!

Thank you so much, and I look forward to finding more links, 🌸😎

PS: Don’t believe the polls, they said Trump didn’t have a chance and Brexit wouldn’t happen, HA!!  Tuesday over 100,000 people will attend the Presidents rally in Orlando!  It’s the people who count no matter what color you are!


Have you seen this video of Uncle Joe?? Wow! a must watch video

This video is all over the internet now. After I watched it, I asked myself two questions. Is Uncle Joe a racist? Who is a bigger racist, Biden or Trump? LOL


Joe Biden once spoke about jailing employers who hire “illegals,” said sanctuary cities shouldn’t be allowed to violate federal law, and argued a fence was needed stop “tons” of drugs coming into the country from “corrupt Mexico.”

“Folks, I voted for a fence, I voted, unlike most Democrats — and some of you won’t like it — I voted for 700 miles of fence,” Biden told the group. “But, let me tell you, we can build a fence 40 stories high — unless you change the dynamic in Mexico and — and you will not like this, and — punish American employers who knowingly violate the law when, in fact, they hire illegals. Unless you do those two things, all the rest is window dressing.”

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“Now, I know I’m not supposed to say it that bluntly, but they’re the facts, they’re the facts. And so everything else we do is in between here. Everything else we do is at the margins. And the reason why I add that parenthetically, why I believe the fence is needed does not have anything to do with immigration as much as drugs,” Biden continued. “And let me tell you, something folks, people are driving across that border with tons, tons, hear me, tons of everything from byproducts for methamphetamine to cocaine to heroin and it’s all coming up through corrupt Mexico.”

But his past comments on a border barrier and sanctuary cities are similar to positions Trump has taken as President — stances that many Democratic candidates have attacked during the campaign.

LOL, And they are telling us that Trump is a racist?


Holy crap on a cracker!  Oh please make this trend! The American people are being steered, who else wants to run? I’ve seen Hillary wants to run again. This is CNN reporting this, why?  A Liberal mainstream media just stabbed Joe in the back.

The Republicans knew that ICE and the wall were in the care of the Democrats. You can’t tell me that CNN all of a sudden is throwing the Sheriff under the out of control tractor trailer?? Really?? What’s the catch?

Could it be Bernie’s camp? Socialist Bernie, running at a time of prosperity, that poo is not going to fly with the middle class.

Or maybe the Dem’s know that the pedo stuff is about to come out.  Politics is a dirty game.

Thank you anon, loved this ask! 🌸😎


Anon doesn’t want to discuss touchy feely Biden but…

JD, I don’t know if I want to go that far and discuss a “touchy-feely-creepy” Joe. I never had negative feelings toward Biden. However, I have to admit that the latest news is disturbing. The authorized surveillance /spying … call it whatever you want to/ is not some crazy right-wing conspiracy theory anymore. It was confirmed by the NYT. Bob Woodward who was never a Trump fan stated in the NYT that the use of so-called Steele dossier /he called it garbage/ must be investigated. So, some tough questions are facing Obama and Biden ahead …


That’s okay. I never knew until I saw the pictures since I’m outing creeps for my human rights violators category.

You’re right, there is a lot of serious question ahead, and I think we can say that Bob Woodward is a respected reporter.  We need our NEWS to be real without bias.

I do appreciate you coming back. Thank you anon, 🌸😎🌞

About Biden

Today I read an interesting article written by Tom Del Beccaro. He says if Joe Biden really asked Obama not to endorse him, he made a right decision. Biden was smart to distance himself from Obama.

“In the coming months, Biden is going to regret telling the world last month that, during the Obama administration, the thing about which he is most proud, is that there was “not one single whisper of a scandal.” He said that, on “The View,” just after his announcement. The crowd cheered, but the coming weeks won’t be so kind.

In the months ahead, among the 2020 Democrat candidates, Biden will have to answer the most for all the sins and crimes of the Obama administration.

By all accounts, the inspector general’s report is set to come out before the end of May or in June. That report, based on statements by the inspector general, will cover the serious Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuses that occurred during the Obama administration …

In other words, the story is changing. In the months ahead, the Obama administration’s worst scandal will be front and center. The current, no-nonsense Attorney General William Barr appears to be more than up to the task. If half of what Joe diGenova says comes true, Obama is going to be a help to no one.

Not being help is an understatement. Being a part of the Obama administration will be toxic more than it already is.

As you consider that, ask yourself who the two people that benefitted the most coming out of the anti-establishment 2016 election were? It wasn’t Joe Biden. He didn’t even run for president. It wasn’t Hillary Clinton, because she is now out of politics.

The first right answer, of course, was Trump. He was anti-Washington all the way.

The second answer is Bernie Sanders. He nearly beat the entire Democrat Washington establishment single-handedly that cycle. Many think the result could have been different but for the Democratic National Committee’s rigging of the nomination process.

Where was Joe Biden in that anti-establishment year? Virtually nowhere to be seen.

So, is 2020 a Democratic establishment year? So far, the energy on the left is with a crowded group of candidates on the far left who have no ties to Obama. Once the inspector general’s report comes out, that is not going to change.

Indeed, in the months ahead, among the 2020 Democratic candidates, Biden will have to answer the most for all the sins and crimes of the Obama administration.

“Where was Joe?” when all that was happening will be the question of the day. We shall see just how proud Joe Biden is of the Obama administration. Meanwhile, anti-establishment Sen. Bernie Sanders can honestly claim he never had anything to do with Hillary, Obama or Biden. Advantage Sanders — with an assist from Barack Obama.”

So, the NY Times did admit that the spying on the Trump campaign is not a conspiracy theory anymore. It’s a reality. The question is how this whole operation worked? In the next three-four weeks, a lot will come out.

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Thank you anon, this is something to think about we know the road is a rocky one. How he reacts to this is going to be very interesting. Everyone should pay close attention to details.

Remember when Gore ran? He didn’t want to be tied to Clinton at all, and many said it was a bad idea, but he wasn’t the guy who we think he was. He still couldn’t explain why he was transporting vials of blood.

Again Thank you anon, 😎🌞🌸