Hi Felix, Don’t dismiss the big players (Obama, Soros, Clintions, Weinstein, Soho, Spencer, PA – they work 2gether; mafia law: my enemies enemies are my friends). It’s always been hanging about. Some of us brought it up early last yr but you guys dismissed it due to MM’s sugars bugging your research. The Rcard, anthrax, PR overload were part of the scam. They used the weakest link in the BRF chain 2 get in. Some players don’t care if win or lose, what matters; they DESTROY. It’s a game of chess.


I can’t reme this been bought up last year.. Well now we have actual proof with receipts that Sunshine Sachs are involved with other big players and have helped her along the way build up some type of profile..

Thanks anon😊👍

I posted some stuff with pictures, we are listening anon. We know