Tucker Carlson: A Plea to Alexandria Cortez

OMG! AOC is a bigot, I can’t believe she gets away with this 💩. Please vote her out.


Kaya Jones Tweets Ilhan Omar- We should be afraid of White Men?

Excellent Job Nancy Pelosi, you have to know the Dems lost the 2020 election, right? The new look of the Democrat party, no way, I’m running from that nonsense.

OMG! Yep, MM named the baby after the dead cat

OMG! Yep, MM named the baby after the dead cat

Ninaki I suspect had this story and also sold pics. They named their child after Meghan’s dead cat who was named after the comic book character Archie. Megsy had a thing for Archie as a teen and she and her Dad both collected vintage Archie comics together. Archie, of course, was a redhead. These two have got 3 IQ points between them.

Oh, and she poisoned the cat by feeding him frozen grapes. So…

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