X22 Report- FISA Is The Start, Think Chess, When Do You Attack The King


The NYT today. They are worried. Its obvious.

“…. What Mr. Durham has found is hidden from public view, and the coronavirus pandemic has slowed his progress, the people said. But Attorney General William P. Barr has promoted the investigation in recent days, saying that Mr. Durham has uncovered “troubling” problems and indicating that some results could be made public before the general election in November.

Mr. Trump has said he looks forward to the outcome of the inquiry, and a report or criminal charges before the election would all but assure that he weaponize it for political gain …” Well, for three, the NYT has told us that the Russian collusion was real, and Trump was smearing honest and highly qualified intel officials. So, now they are trying to say if there is something, it should not be outed before the election.

Bill Barr was clear when he said that no one Durham’s questioning is running for office. So, election or not, we’ll find out who’ll go to jail LOL.

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Yep, patients everyone when we find out in the news. We will know it’s happening. Thank you for the report. 

PS: you don’t have to send it in twice

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