Meghan Markle hooked up with Brett Ratner while he was dating Serena

Meghan Markle hooked up with Brett Ratner while he was dating Serena

A little flashback comes to me in my much earlier research, and CDAN claimed that the bride to be hooked up with disgraced producer Brett Ratner and Harvey Weinstein for fun and blow for free but charged a particular producer turned government official for sex.

I wonder how Serena feels about that since MM is eyeing up her husband and some claim gave him a cooch shot at Tennis.…

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Meghan Markle hooked up with Brett Ratner while he was dating Serena

A little flashback comes to me in my much earlier research, and CDAN claimed that the bride to be hooked up with disgraced producer Brett Ratner and Harvey Weinstein for fun and blow for free but charged a particular producer turned government official for sex.


I wonder how Serena feels about that since MM is eyeing up her husband and some claim gave him a cooch shot at Tennis.

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Look, Harry, I got Serena’s man AGAIN!

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If only I could have his money

The excellent shot is on the Daily Mail, but IMO she’s not one for boundaries. She hooked up with Harvey willingly and hung out with his wife, Georgina Chapman!

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Even though Harvey ‘s a creep, there are plenty of women who are just as creepy to land a role in a movie. Why isn’t #MeToo or Times Up going, after all, men and women??  If we are going to be equal then do your jobs!

Meghan seemed young and happy in the above picture in 2014 and now dried up and over pricked.


Hollywood Harry the hypocrite

Revealed: Prince Harry ‘stayed on a gas-guzzling super-yacht for Google’s green summit’ – as Expedia billionaire Barry Diller reveals the royal spoke about saving the planet by taking fewer selfies at ‘trampled’ holiday destinations

Good ole Harry! The PR myth, it’s so sad the guy everyone used to love turned out like his uncle Randy, SMH.

There you go Harry, are you guilty?

We are eating cold salads and drinking hot tea, served by the butler, Victor. And we are hopscotching topics, from Silicon Valley taking over Hollywood to Jared & Ivanka & Josh & Karlie to pornography to his company’s dating websites to the time Harvey Weinstein tried to throw Mr. Diller off a balcony in Cannes to how his friend Hillary Clinton is faring to the mogul’s dismissal of Donald Trump (whose Secret Service code name is Mogul) as “a joke” and “evil.”


Has the media gone overboard in criticizing Mr. Trump?

“Are you kidding?” he replies.

He corrects me when I call the tech titans our overlords. “Our overlords are not them,” he says. “Our overlords are artificial intelligence.”

He says he has gone to a couple of Broadway shows recently with Hillary Clinton and that “she’s well with herself again and she has a role to play.”


Interesting, read the entire article from the  New York Times.  Diller is political, prominent democrat and considers Geffen family.  It’s incredible how these Hollywood types cover for certain people.


Harry is certainly showing his true colors that will no doubt make the British Press go crazy, and I don’t blame them.


Maybe Harry should go audition and end up on the casting couch like his wife used to do for Harvey, Ratner, and Mnuchin. Oh wait, Mnuchin paid, the other two were freebies, per CDAN.


Thank you anon, God Bless America and Great Britain! 🌸😎😉


Jeffrey Epstein Moved Freely in Hollywood Circles Even After 2008 Conviction

The billionaire, arrested July 6 for sex trafficking of minors, attended high-profile events like the ‘Batman v Superman’ premiere and frequented Oscar season parties even as the #MeToo movement took down other powerful figures.


This is what I mean about #MeToo and Times Up something is not right with them.  I think it’s a personal hit squad. Oprah helped support Harvey Weinstein’s defense yet she does an HBO special on Micheal Jackson! They went after the Kavanaugh and the women said she made it up! WTH!

We found out that Epstein was being supported by the CIA??  In what capacity?

I do believe that everyone has a right to defense but Epstein pleads guilty to child prostitution, someone dropped the ball because that’s bullshit! They were innocent teens hanging out at the mall,  he coerced them, threatened them, kept tabs on them.  He was never going to learn his lesson. He pissed someone off because his services are no longer needed!

The people that have been working on this case to keep it alive to put this butt wipe away should be proud of themselves for a job well done. We aren’t out of the woods yet.

This just in

The article says he cut ties with Leslie Wexner multibillionaire, Epstein was listed as a trustee.  Gee, I wonder what went wrong?  Mr. Lexnar is from Ohio, is he the one that Qanon is talking about?

Defense attorneys have asked that Epstein finances remain sealed from the public. Jeffrey ass is still parked in jail! good! The judge will rule on it on Monday.

Thank you anon, grab all the shots you can they are scrubbing the Getty! 🌸😎💋

Anon submits: JD, it’s really scary what you posted out.

JD, who did you respond to? Don’t bother to engage with those on Twitter who will deny the truth anyway.

Even “Media admits relatively small anti-Trump rallies across the country.” Many people didn’t simply show up. Just imagine how much money did billionaire Tom Stayer spent on organizing those rallies?

Thomas Fahr Steyer (born June 27, 1957) is an American billionaire hedge fund manager, philanthropistenvironmentalistliberal activist, and fundraiser.[2]

Steyer is the founder and former co-senior managing partner of Farallon Capital and the co-founder of One California Bank, which became (through merger) Beneficial State Bank, an Oakland-based community development bank.[2] Farallon Capital manages $20 billion in capital for institutions and high-net-worth individuals. The firm’s institutional investors include college endowments and foundations.[2] Since 1986, Steyer has been a partner and member of the Executive Committee at Hellman & Friedman, a San Francisco–based $8 billion private equity firm.

In 2010, Steyer and his wife signed The Giving Pledge to donate half of their fortune to charity during their lifetime. In 2012, he sold his stake in and retired from Farallon Capital. Switching his focus to politics and the environment, he launched NextGen America, a non-profit organization that supports progressive positions on climate change, immigration, health care, and education.[3][4]

Steyer served on the Board of Trustees at Stanford University[5] from 2012 to 2017.

We should drop them off at his house, let him pick up the needles!

The majority of the people are sick and tired of the impeachment games. To impeach or not to impeach? Look at the streets of LA, SF, and Seattle? Dirty streets and the homeless population …

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In the China Basin neighborhood of San Francisco, California, a homeless man sits in a wheelchair and asks for change from passing tourists, San Francisco, California, 2016. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images).

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A man looks on while seated beside a Skid Row painting on a sidewalk in downtown Los Angeles on May 30, 2019. – The city of Los Angeles on May 29 agreed to allow homeless people on Skid Row to keep their property and not have it seized, providing the items are not bulky or hazardous. (Photo by Frederic J. BROWN / AFP) (Photo credit should read FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

I don’t know about you, but Typhus scares the crap out of me! Our first responders are getting sick!


Free stuff for illegals while they cannot take care of their citizens. Is Nancy Pelosi really concerned what is going on in SF? I understand her wealthy neighborhood is clean and free from homeless people. But how about the less affluent area? I was neither a Trump nor Hillary fan. Quite frankly Dems have nothing to offer except for impeachment. But I am afraid the impeachment talks will be more and more unpopular, especially after the results of the 2016 investigations start to come out. Some are saying now that it will be devastating for DNC and we will be talking about it up until 2020?

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That was from tumblr, and I do know they are liberal if I can reach people with pictures and links maybe we can get more people to understand that our country is being held, hostage.

People are being lied to and the strange part they are using claims that should go to Hillary Clinton and the DNC. I’m shocked and dismayed at the outrageous behavior by freshman representatives and Pelosi allowing her party to get so far left. This is not the democratic party that I have been a life long registered member!  Nutty Nanny needs to reel her party in, and they are a disaster!

No wonder President Trump went Republican!

I too was for the first time in my voting life couldn’t decide on which candidate to vote for the amount of negativity made me sick.  The right person was fortunately elected and kicking ass!

The Trump kids are highly educated, and I can’t say enough good things about Ivanka Trump, that Penn State Uni Warton school of business graduate. She went and worked her ass off, going to the governors and businesses to promote job growth. She did it!

The Trumps aren’t waiting around to study it to death; they get the ball rolling, I’m very impressed with their skills.  I think people that go to the left will be disappointed when their candidate can’t produce what they promised.  These programs are costly and will cause a recession, just like Obama.

Look, I’m from Jersey, and everyone knows and follows the Trumps, they know talented business savvy people. We in Jersey have worked for the Trumps or gambled in his casinos.  They are always by the book, and even Ivanna stayed on as manager because he knows she can do a damn good job!

He might be a bit abrupt to some but to us, in northeastern states, he is playing our music! We get Trump, my entire family voted for him!  The president was elected because we are tired of the politicians that are there for power and sluggish as the beltway at 5 pm!

You know what, drop them off at Nancy and any nut job representative house, it’s always not in my neighborhood! Look at Maine the governor said we welcome the migrants with open arms, Welcome home! Get this, when San Antonia called with the Congo migrants, they said Nope all full at the Inn.

Thank you anon, I will continue to support the Trumps, that’s my promise! 🌸😎😀

PS anyone can state their opinion and I will argue back because that’s what Makes America Great Again! Freedom!  I will keep showing you what should be reported on but gets hidden. Watch Fox News, Sean Hannity is the best!

Ron Burkle in talks to purchase National Enquirer

Ron Burkle a known Bill Clinton crony, X friend of Uncle Harvey, the majority owner of Soho House.  A man who likes them really young and is and has allegedly visited pedo island on occasion with host Jeffrey Epstein. Friends with Meghan Markle who he took to the White House to meet Obama.   We will keep an eye on you.

Russian Oligarch Abramovich Gets Israeli Citizenship

Abramovich is the owner Eden Roc and brought many French hotels. He is believed to be on Putin’s finance team. Owner of the Chelsea football club.  He may be 115th wealthiest man, but he suspected of being a threat to the public. The Swiss denied him citizenship.  The UK suspected him of the Salisbury poisonings and delayed his Visa. Some nasty people on the planet should never have been rich.