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The couple walk along a red carpet at the city centre's Albert Park to watch the Veirqaraqaravi Vakavanua ceremony, which embodies Fijian cultural identity and heritage


Roseberrycupcake Bites

When Kim Kardashian rose to fame, many people raised their eyebrows. The idea of a “Z-lister with a sextape” being famous “for being famous” was quite unthinkable. In fact, I remember how President Obama just MENTIONING the fact that he and his wife don’t allow their daughters to watch Keeping up with the Kardashians made the headlines just several years ago. Back then, the idea of a president even being AWARE of someone like Kim seemed beneath the office of presidency. Back then, people disliked the Kardashians with passion. Even people who disliked Kim knew that she was criticized for anything and everything she did. 


Because she represented the very antithesis of the paradigm we grew up with: work hard, be honest, and you will succeed. 

But now, we see that the hatred towards Kim has more or less diminished over the years. This is not a sign that people have changed their minds about Kim; it’s reflective of the growing apathy towards her. They know she’s going to always be in the news regardless of what they say, so they don’t really care. Kim’s “momager” Kris Kardashian knows this, which is why her younger daughters, Kylie and Kendall, dominate the headlines now. The Kardashians come up with more and more ridiculous storylines to keep the media’s spotlight on them.

I’ve seen many comparisons between Meghan and Kim on here and other forums, and I will say this: Kim was someone who everyone had to agree WAS pretty (regardless of the nose job and other numerous plastic surgery), especially during her earlier years. She was pretty enough for women to be jealous of, yet with a past that could be gossiped about. She had an attitude but a likable one. In other words, Kim has/had an “it” factor. 

Problem with Meghan is that she thinks people dislike her like they disliked Kim. Reality check: Meghan was never as pretty or attractive as Kim. I’m not trying to be mean; there’s nothing wrong with being plain, but when a Plain Jane tries to act like Jane Fonda, you will get on people’s nerves. So people are not “jealous” of Meghan; she never had that sparkle that A-listers and politicians have, which is why she never made it in Hollywood in the first place.

Dislike towards Meghan is rooted in confusion: people don’t understand how someone who’s not that pretty, not well-educated, and not well-mannered, who’s a born-and-bred hypocrite could enter into a centuries-old establishment that is supposed to be revered. The kindest explanation people can come up with is, “She must have something special only Harry must recognize,” which of course throws Harry under the bus.

On these blogs, it’s been clear that the BRF wants minimal exposure of their faults while they wait for “the storm to pass.” They’re so utterly foolish that they’re practically hopeless. The BRF are still failing to recognize that this is a different time; there’s no such thing as a second chance in the era of social media when people will jump on to the next bandwagon without looking back. An institution like theirs is built on smokes and mirrors, and it’s THEIR responsibility to maintain that facade, no matter how detached from reality it may be.

By the time criticisms toward Meghan subside, neither her or the BRF will be smiling, because that’s when they will receive their punishment. They’ve already made mistakes that cannot be forgiven. Let’s just hope they will stop before it truly is too late.


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