You guys have to read these links, its all connected OMG

As Scott Pressler said, Stop talking and start doing…


As I read these articles and the main reason in Baltimore as I see it, is drugs, drug crew fighting other crews. Who are the customers?

As it started a primarily white problem, it quickly became the black community with the introduction to fentanyl. Who makes Fentanyl?

We keep hearing about the Chinese and fentanyl and being transported over the Southern border. Let’s check that out.

I wonder what the president will think about this report, and I think it’s worth talking to Roger Bate.


Fentanyl, legally made is used for chronic pain relief and surgery.


I know, the hospital used this on me instead of Morphine last year during a disc replacements surgery in my neck. I found it hard to wake up.


The problem in counterfeit fentanyl the author called it mislabeling, and it crosses many countries, not just China. Mixed with Heroin is killing our citizens.


Such production and intentional mislabeling of products is just one reason why I’m skeptical that China, or frankly any emerging nation, can effectively clamp down on fentanyl production. Chemical producers are important employers and hence have political backers, making action against them more problematic. Furthermore, many chemicals have multiple uses, so to switch a few hundred pounds of a chemical from a legitimate use to a troubling one is simple for manufacturers. And such a change is very hard for regulators to spot, even if companies maintain complete paperwork, and if they don’t it is nigh on impossible, and may only be found through spot inspections or whistleblowers, neither of which is frequent in emerging markets. After all, a few hundred pounds of key chemicals is all that is required to make millions of doses of fentanyl.


Hmm, that is a tough one, has anyone thought this through?  Are we experience the downers revolutions like we once to did with Pablo in the 80’s but this one is on a grander scale. Notice these are the people that will pollute as the Green New Deal will give these corporation money.


Thank God the president pulled out of Paris accord a get rich scheme for elites but let’s keep on killing the citizens of America. I know you’re saying JD that doesn’t make any sense!  Watch this one

Okay, I’m scared, and we need to make sure we push the right lever when we vote. Trump 2020



Anonymous said: She didn’t want to be black Help the black community

Anonymous said: She didn’t want to be black Help the black community

Anonymous said:
She didn’t want to be black Help the black community Date anyone black And now Her fans are black women and when she leaves I wonder how or if she will support the community.
From the tipster PR,  said that she intended to use sexism, racism and her family. The truth was discussed but that is not what Meghan wanted. It was whitewashed.
IMO yes, she has used the African American…

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That anon beat me to it. M has no voice or standing in the US Black community. So, if the argument is that M has “backing” to her bs squeals of “racism”, who exactly is backing her? I’m thinking that this is more of a Tumblr/social media narrative than actual reality.

They are talking about the UK, anon talking about Markus Anderson.  Here we go with conspiracy theories again, we have screen captures of her around influential people for the Democrats.  Fitzpatrick, her PR is Ken Sunshine who is good friends with the Clinton’s, who have ties with Harvey Weinstein, Jeff Epstein and Ron Burkle majority owner of  Soho House. 

So really, thanks for that.