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Viola Davis

She was born in the town i was raised in, and where my mother was also born. St Matthews, SC. AND I went to school with Mike Colter, did not graduate with him tho, I had went to another school at the time LOL

So there is your fun fact of the day. 🤘

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I think i’m missing something. Oh well. lol




Request By L.A.

hey what about ella fitzgerald and viola davis, my fav! too many to count. my schools never taught about frederick douglas or made us read uncle tom’s cabin. i did not get to learn, read until uni. obv sheltered early life. i actually wept. i never knew such evil could exist until uni. i passed on to my children and when my grandbabies are old enough i will be sure to teach them. history should never b repeated, learn from it. be safe jd, vin. L.A.
We Got you boo!!! 💖💖💖