Charlotte and George cute photo came on Front Page of The Times,Daily Express,Daily Mail and Telegraph,The Sun shade is amazing,Dan Wooton ‘Exclusive’,MegA Star,Hollywood agent runs her career,’Meghan has sparked new concers at ‘BP’-by using a Hollywood agent,lawyer and bussiness manager. The secret US Team is looking after her future carrer-and believe to be in negotiations for her first children’s book’ and they slipt with Char&Ge photo’At least someone’s getting on with their brother..”LOLOL


Of course she kept her old team.

LOL they never left, kept on the back burner for the exit strategy. The girl isn’t dumb, but she built her fashion line and she will fight for the tooth and nail. 

Look at this way

✅ Foodie book 

✅Fashion Icon

✅Fashion Line

✅ Travel 

✅ A- list celebrity 

✅Archie the insurance policy 

✅Everything she was trying to do prior to Harry and now she has it. 

All she had to do was speak the woke speak, group think

the Creative Artist Agency, she got A-listers to come to the wedding from them as well. I had found out George Soros was using multiple talent agencies to spread his word. The thirsty actress steps forward. 

You have to admire her hustle, she conned a monarchy and they used her as a distraction. 


MM fans are paid followers

MM fans are paid followers

Are largely hired — the scam factories in Brazil, India, and Kazakstan. People sit there in offices writing on twitter for celebs they are hired to write for. Remember we checked her Tig IG followers and 70% of her followers were from Kazakstan – hired to make her look popular when she wasn’t.

So the idea she should have decency is crazy. She gives them a script they follow it. She and her pr are…

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