‘He’ill air everyone’s dirty laundry. Bring it on!’ Lauren Sanchez’s brother Michael breaks his silence about court feud with her and lover Jeff Bezos over leaked naked pictures – and tells friends it’s not going to be pretty for the r


Megsy…and the Soho Factory!

Few of us have commented on the elephant not in the room, Markus Anderson, Information Officer of Soho House. Marcus, per Megsy, is the one with all of the secrets of the Soho House hierarchy. He apparently reviews all applications; therefore, he knows everything worth knowing about the Membership. Marcus is privy to very personal/private/ info. From the application form (which I understand is highly detailed).

Very few insiders, Marcus being one of them, know what information they contain or what is discussed, even jokingly, about financial dealings, wife swapping stories, debauchery, whatever, when they consider the application at a membership meeting. One point that must have the Membership insane is Markus’s relationship with Megsy and that they are/were such close friends. Marcus would likely have passed along some interesting tidbits to her about the Membership. Unimportant, but relative, is that Marcus is gay. Therefore, the only intimate thing they would share on their dinner dates was gossip. Certainly not politics, global warming, investment, news of the day; none of these things, as both seem sadly lacking in any substantive thought on an intellectual level.

Gossip was the only currency I believe that existed between these two. To add insult to injury, Markle fills in stories to reflect her role in the narrative, or of her having greater importance in a story. That is her act…to have a role in or appear to be important to any story. Markus should have known she would embellish anything he passed along in her retelling. Her importance came with either knowing the story/gossip itself, knowing the one who passed it along, placing herself in the set up of the story, so she becomes integral to the retelling, etc.

One can only imagine the level of betrayal you would feel if you were referenced as a part of, or a party to, a sick mind driven to make a Diary a genuine “potboiler” of a book. I can only wonder what response Markus would have for the fact-checker when he was “hoisted by his own petard.” Never thinking M & M’s many nights of wine bouts and loose tongues would find their way into the very indiscreet Markle book. Not when there was money to be made off of an intriguing, gossipy story.

When the announcement appeared that a book might be in the offing as she has been keeping a Diary, what would be the first thing Markus would think? Yes, she will out her relationship with Harry and the BRF. Given a brief few moments anyone, even Markus, would realize… if she has a book to fill, no one is going to pay her “the big money” unless she has some noteworthy stories about noteworthy people.

After the BRF and those 685 days of marriage, what and who is left…tales of filming outtakes from “Suits”? The only stories left to tell are the “Markus stories”. Marcus has “gossiped” with her about the celebrity, monied Membership of Soho House, and their stories are the ones she will tell. Never forget, MM is in this life for the money. She will either be paid by a publishing company to recount her story or she will be paid by the powers that be at Soho House to keep quiet.

SHE WILL GET PAID…and she does not care who does the paying. Possibly, this is why Markus appears to have ghosted his little “tag-along friend”, The Missus Sussex? Maybe, some of the higher-ups at Soho House started to revisit the closeness of their relationship, and they became concerned. Since the shower, he has been notably absent. In my view, he has all but disappeared from her recorded public life. I believe there is some validity to the fact that the Soho House owners could have told Markus to tone it down with her?

Megsy is notorious for bringing bad karma wherever she goes, so I imagine she is bringing that sensibility to Malibu Soho’s private Membership and they will complain. The members are at Malibu Soho to relax and/or to make deals with real “Rainmakers”, not a couple of lightweights like the Harkles. Not to put too fine a point on it, but they would also land heavily on Markus for giving her Soho access without paying her way in.

Her backstory, that she got where she is on her back, is apparently common knowledge. Wives would not want her around for that reason alone. Wealthy, successful people are all the same. They do not care where you grew up, if you are purple, transgender, or how you made your money. As long as you have money, or have been very successful, or you are very well “connected”…because where you are now is all that matters.

They would not conclude Markle is connected vis a vis Harry/BRF…they know that is going up in flames. There was a story pre-wedding that MM reps. approached the royals and said that she would take a payday to move on. Cancel a wedding. That is why the wedding was so haphazardly planned as the date kept being changed, as the amount she wanted was outrageous. If what was put out was true, the BRF were willing to pay 50 million (probably Wm. and PP/PC unsure). She held out for triple that amount and continued to not make any wedding plans (2 fittings on the dress, 1 fit for Harry etc. bridesmaids dresses very cheap…1 fit).

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BRF finally withdrew and the wedding went forward. MM thought she could get it along the way indirectly. Markle is stupid, not to be confused with her lying, duplicitous nature. You can be both. Harry’s money is practically gone because of her spending to buy her way in. What the wealthy Hollywood people do despise, however, is someone hustling their way into their private Soho world. Someone with no credentials, no connections, no access, no success, and no money, wanting something from them.

I envision a lunch with MM something like this; ” Max, first the Pastrami… then we’ll cut to the “Pitch”. If they would do a pitch at a “Lion King” premier they would certainly do it at lunch. Scarlett O’Harkle needed Markus to play all the Soho House cards, and she played them relentlessly, without actually being a Soho member. Remember she pays for nothing…ditto Harry. She may actually have to pay for a membership now if they let her in.

To paraphrase the Disney executive, ” Megan Markle still needs Markus… more than Markus or Soho House needs her”. If they kept to their standard hustle, Mooch and Cootch would probably continue the same tactics at Soho House Malibu and try and wing it without a paid-up membership. Dues, in whatever form, are always a bitch, but they eventually have to be paid. Time to pay up kids…Game Over!

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Strange, Getty has limited Markus Anderson pictures

PS-note to Markus. Lies, spoken and written or slander and libel to the rest of us, should be a source of concern to you. If threatened with litigation, MM will take him to Court. Markle will produce a written Diary of recorded writings of what Markus told her and when. Markle will have had Marcus deposed prior to going to Court. When deposed, if Markus says he did not say something, Markle will continue with the case and go to Court, and MM will present the Diary. When questioned in Court, under oath, if he says the same as when deposed, and the Diary proves he is lying, he has perjured himself, he goes to prison. If Diary shows he said XYZ and he tells the truth, that he did say it…he is ruined. Welcome to showbiz Markus, and the world of Meghan Markle. Something to think about, my boy.

Thank you, anon, for this beautiful story!  One thing I know is real is that Soho House likes discretion. What happens at Soho is supposed to stay at Soho.  

Markus knows where the bodies are buried; that’s for sure. He was once suspended for using this robust information. He is a creepy guy when he takes pictures next to a star; it looks like he knows and is willing to blackmail you in a heartbeat. 

MM prolific writing is worrisome; her word salads should be easy to catch. If she can’t make it as a star, she’ll make it writing tell-alls.  You have to watch out for those bottom feeders. Hollywood didn’t appreciate those essays, and they are certainly not going to like her embellished tell-alls. 

As you said, it’s all about the money, the Royals did offer her a handsome reward, but she wanted the wedding instead. She wanted 35 million and shopped around some info, and they said no, but it’s curious that the wedding cost 35 million. That was supposed to be her PR to make a star.  She does have a time limit on this, so this her countdown for departure. 

MM is going to go kicking a screaming, blaming Harry for being messy, and all the stuff she accused Trevor of being.  She needs to find another sap, and she clearly can’t make it without another man. 

My last question is what does she have on them to allow this to happen? 

A little guilty pleasure for you. 

Jeffrey Epstein had surveillance cameras hidden throughout his properties worldwide in a ‘blackmail scheme’ to extort his powerful friends, victims tell new Netflix doc about the pedophile

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A yellwo school bus with a post-birthday message for the Duke of York, from US lawyer Gloria Allred, driving along The Mall towards Buckingham Palace, London. Ms Allred, who represents five of the victims of Jeffrey Epstein, has been critical of the Duke for not speaking with the FBI about his former friend Epstein. (Photo by Stefan Rousseau/PA Images via Getty Images)

Jeffrey Epstein’s surveillance cameras were a ‘blackmail scheme’ to extort his powerful friends, new Netflix documentary Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich claims

  • There has long been speculation that Epstein had all of his homes under watch 
  • Virginia Roberts (now Giuffre), one of Epstein’s most prominent victims, said the cameras were used as an insurance policy 
  • She said ‘when Epstein told me ”people owe me favors and I’ll never get caught and I can get away with it”, he meant it’ 
  • Other victims including Chauntae Davies and Maria Farmer told the film about Epstein having blackmail on his friends 
  • Some speculated Epstein could have made his $650m fortune by blackmailing his friends, such as Prince Andrew and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak
  • Among the others who Epstein knew were Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, magicians David Blaine and David Copperfield, former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson and Michael Jackson

I can’t wait to watch this on Netflix! Don’t forget Sunshine Sachs covered for these people. It’s all a web of interconnected powerful people like Les Wexner (Victoria Secret), Bill Clinton,  Hillary Clinton, Prince Andrew, Fergie, Chris Tucker, Kevin Spacey, Naimoe Campbell, Oprah Winfrey, Woody Harrelson, Bill Maher and list goes on.  


Q Drops! 3920 Were State Actors Caught Trying to Blackmail People In Power?

What happens when state actor(s) [assets] are removed?
How does a state actor gain leverage over a person in power [re: blackmail]?
Define ‘Traitor’.
Data exchange(s) can be very dangerous.

Is there a room in the Tower available?

There is so much to comment on with the Harkle’s and their odious behavior towards the BRF. I am an American Anglophile and I do not like it.

When does the day dawn when someone in the BRF says…”enough is enough…you are done”. They remind me of your child who at bedtime constantly plays cat and mouse with going to bed but keeps getting up for water, a book, the bathroom etc. They keep pushing you. If you keep allowing it, and not enforce bedtime rules, they will end up walking around at 11 pm on a school night just to see if they can.

You do not let them prevail because you know if you do, your other kids will start acting up and trying to pull the same thing. Then there is no control over anything. They get one bathroom/water trip, and then lose privileges if they keep everyone else up (watching to see if they win).

Harkles are at the point where the consequences need to start kicking in. Losing something that matters, in their case money, is the only thing that counts to them. They should convert soon, because I would not want to be on the receiving end of what William will do when he takes over the Duchy. He does not suffer fools gladly. This man holds a grudge and will act on it. What he will withhold when he becomes Prince of Wales could determine the actual quality of life that the Markles will have.

Most people do not believe the Harkles’ will be successful, therefore their income as private citizens will never amount to anything.

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I agree with you that William won’t put up with their crap; however, Prince Charles will be getting the Duchy of Lancaster to pay his family of full-time workers, hmm.  Once he becomes King, will he continue this nonsense?

That’s why I think she got something on them. NYC said her lips were sealed, but we found the yachting on our own and that whatever she had on them makes her look bad too. Harry looks bad for yachting.

Some of these girls will get a crew together to do their own yachting (sex cruise). That’s why Enty said she wasn’t that successful at it, where some can make fortunes on the big yachts.  Is this the first time he met MM in Croatia? So, He married his whore, lol.  That’s embarrassing, and she keeps on the feminism bullshit game, and Harry’s a John.  It doesn’t help that the friends had her too. No wonder she got rid of them.

I don’t think they will be successful either, everybody knows over here she a social climber including MSM. Maybe her backers (Hillary cough) don’t care for all the selfish acts.

Thank you anon, 🥰🤣

“We all knew about him.” Right. Are we supposed to believe Bill and Hillary never heard anything?

Cindy McCain, the widow of late Sen. John McCain, blasted authorities who were “afraid” to arrest convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein even though everyone “knew” what he was doing.

“Epstein was hiding in plain sight,” said Cindy McCain. “We all knew about him. We all knew what he was doing, but we had no one that was — no legal aspect that would go after him. They were afraid of him. For whatever reason, they were afraid of him.”

McCain’s comments came after she was questioned by an attendee during her appearance at the State of the World 2020 conference in Florida.

McCain said a girl from her daughter’s high school was one of Epstein’s victims and that she hopes Epstein “is in hell.”

Epstein’s massive wealth and his connections to powerful politicians and celebrities allowed him to continue trafficking young women and girls long after many had exposed his devious interests.

He allegedly died by suicide at a Manhattan federal detention facility last August. His death and the circumstances surrounding it have created controversy after the former medical examiner of New York, Dr. Michael Baden, told 60 Minutes that he believes Epstein was murdered.

Cameras from outside Epstein’s jail cell failed to record footage on the night of his death, and guards who were supposed to monitor him every 30 minutes fell asleep when the former financier allegedly hung himself.

Epstein didn’t kill himself, and he was arkancided!

They were scared because he blackmails them!

Mossad had the proof to keep them in line.

Can you imagine the SIC politicians getting their jolly’s from little girls and boys?

I talked with a girl who had seen the photographs of the children, its the most unimaginable seen. It’s worst of the worst, she can’t unsee the abuse these monsters did.

Anon said: No mental health issues

Harry has no mental health issues, its a smokescreen to cover up his BLACKMAILING of his own Family. His friend Tom Blackby admitted that now. If he doesn’t get to keep Frogmore and the Titles, all Family secrets will be revealed in the planned TV interviews scheduled next week. Don’t be fooled by him, its called EXTORTION!

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I have no doubt its blackmail, Meghan Markle is getting Harry to do her dirty work.  It’s end-stage NARC and he is about to commit the ultimate sin but he’s had a few days without Markle. One thing Harry is scared of is the Queen. Make no mistake she isn’t some cotton top sweet old lady. She has powerful courtiers behind her.  He could have a hunting accident, get my drift? 

Thank You anon, 🥰

Anon submitted: The Sussex Website

The development of this website would have taken months to do. They knew what they were doing before dropping bombs on the Queen today. 

I do think they went into the Queen with demands before the long holiday.  The Sussex’s didn’t like what they heard and started this nonsense.  Threatening the Queen in this manner is not only despicable, but now we can say treasonous. 

They seemed to be trying to blackmail Her Majesty. I’d imagine it will be dealt with.  Little grey men Meg. 

Your the pits, Megsie