About the Blackamoor artifacts. I was a history and art history student, so I have an appreciation for all cultural artifacts. These are not my thing, but I can appreciate them. There are all kinds of fascinating relics from all cultures that depict life from various times. Rather than hiding them away or destroying them (Taliban style) why not use them? Show them and start a convo about what they meant and why they were created. You can learn from history. Ignore at your own peril.

I agree with you, I love that you said, we should have a conversation, we can’t deny that events took place. Assuming it’s Blackmoor is wrong, there was Egyptian revival after finding Tut’s tomb If we go by the statue. 

I’ve said this before that blacks are the number one in collectors of this art because it is art, let’s not forget that. 

Art can be offensive, it invokes emotions, that’s the point.

Slavery is repeating itself, and Princess Eugenia and Beatrice are pointing out this uncomfortable conversation. President Trump has appointed a task force for finding these sex traffickers and bringing them to justice.  It’s slavery!  It has no racial boundary. Fight for that, it’s a worthy cause. 

Thank you anon 🌺😀😎