Would it be fair to blame Elizabeth Warren?

CNN and MSNBC cannot deny it. They cannot hide it away. It’s all over the news. Democratic presidential candidates were swift to put the blame for the El Paso tragedy on Trump, but they still keep quiet after the fact that the Dayton guy was a Warren voter. I am waiting for Democrats to acknowledge, and put the blame on her as much as they put the blame on Trump.



Actually, NO, Elizabeth Warren IMO a fruit loop but she didn’t tell people to go out, and riot like AOC did.  However, the entire democrat party may be to blame with the anarchist attitude and anti-police speech.  This can be attributed to all the lies being told by mainstream media as well. There is a lot of blame to go around.


Republican supporters stand and take the abuse from the fascist left, turning the other cheek. They become a bigger person.


The narrative that Hillary is running is one of hatred. It is Hillary, don’t think otherwise she has already tweeted about gun control when she should be upset that people died this weekend.  Look for MSM to start quacking that narrative. 


Our president was visibly upset along with Mike Pence, it was killing him to give the speech that had to be done, that’s how much he loves this country. 


Trump fights for US, cries with US, stands for US, he is one of US.

He never had to do this, God bless him for becoming the President on behalf of US.


We the people cry together at the great loss of life. Peace be with you all. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💋💋


One thing one should do is wait until all the evidence is in before opening one’s big fat mouth.  Example, you found this article saying he was a Warren supporter.  The progressive left pounced losers. 


The unconscious bias works both ways that is something those twits forgot, being exclusionary will come back and bite you in the ass,


Thank you anon for your ask. 🌸😎 if you see more bring them in. 😉💋


Thanks, seethroughenergy

seethroughenergy is right. A personal attack is not acceptable. Attacking JD or any other blogger won’t help us to seek the truth. None of us can do anything to change things. About the baby doll speculation … I am not surprised by anything anymore. There have been so many lies we all witnessed recently. Pretty much everything is a lie about MM and Harry. I don’t care about Harry. He brought her…

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