Yes, Alison Blankenship’s sister Nicole. She lives in Weston but is now in Fort Lauderdale caring for Kal and Henry Cavill’s home. She is bragging about it saying she is in charge and she will be there for like three weeks. She is a fake, she is no psychic. She also bragged about going to Bubba Gump with Alison, Ben and Henry on forth of july. I was all yeah ok Nicole then what? She’s def looking to get money from Henry Ali, Ben and Nicole are all after Henry’s money. Only out for themselves.

Here we go again… is she on IG doing this? What’s her last name? 

Thank you anon 


OK that’s girl looks like a fan that joined Henry and Ben at the table for a drink. Why do people jump to conclusions? She looks excited to be at the table, that is why the guy captioned it “same time tommorow?” And called him Superman. Plus how is it Henry can fly under the radar for months at a time and then when he wants pr boom photos.

Yes, Thank you, someone, who gets it, it high tourist season in Florida. London with all the paps everywhere and he comes to sunny Florida where we love Mr. Henry Cavill and are always up for a fan pic. 

Key West is beautiful and it’s a party town, hell we clap when the sun goes down. God’s artwork, what a perfect place to unwind from back to back shoots.

People, he deserves it and now we get to see more fan pictures.  

Thanks anon 💙💙💙💙