Anon said: Sussex in Canada

So the real reason why Meghan and Harry stopped the Instagram function that people can see tagged photos of them in Canada and not the Christmas Card (where she will use her black mother for PR reasons) like it was speculated. I also thought it was funny that the article said that Doria is in Canada and will be spending Christmas with Meghan and her friends – do people really believe that her mother wants to spend Christmas with Meghan’s fake ass friends? This woman must be getting a lot of money from Harry to help Meghan with all the PR stunts.

That’s correct, and I came to that conclusion also.  It’s ridiculous, we posted our hunches, and then the article came out that they are in Canada all lovey-dovey.  I know she is Canada, but I doubt for some reason Harry is there with her. 

I’m sure that Doria is back in LA, the paps would have caught her leaving. 

No one is buying this is my black mother racist bullshit anymore, we are all aware of the George Soros narrative.  No more stun grenades, we are used to it.  Meghan is a shallow human being that left her father in Mexico to die.  She had it made and blew it! 


Thank you anon, 🥰


I always liked Harry but…

I always liked Harry but…

Anonymous said:
I have to say I always liked Harry but at this point, it’s quite obvious that Harry is extremely spoiled and arrogant – and Meghan is a smug b*tch. Deadly combination. I think they will divorce within 5 years.
I bought it, I adored him, thought the world of him, Harry influenced me and millions that they can do it.  He had a chance at one of the…

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