Come on Enty that’s Bullcrap and you know it

Blind Item #4

For the time being there are about ten-fifteen Secret Service agents who were pulled from bank crimes and other investigations to help protect the former actress and her celebrity husband. The number will probably go down as the rotation process for their permanent security can begin again. Currently that team is frozen in place and won’t be able to do their normal two week rotations back home. Also supplementing are county law enforcement personnel. The US is picking up the bill for about 70% of the $20K a day cost which will go higher once everyone starts moving around again.

Anonymous said:In reference to today’s Blind item#4

Anonymous said:In reference to today’s Blind item#4

Anonymous said:
In reference to today’s Blind item#4,
1) makes me wonder what the original plan/method of getting back to England was.
2) If Harry didn’t know, then it sounds like Meg’s friends really did foot the bill.
3) I am curious why Megs was allowed to go to New York in the first place? Did the royals approve then or no?
Think about this; they had to know, RPO would have to report and…

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CDAN Enty , MM wants to live in Canada

CDAN Enty , MM wants to live in Canada


Blind Item #4The alliterate celebrity who used to be an actress would love nothing more than to come to the States for the rest of her pregnancy. I told you before she was really pushing for a move to Canada and away from everything and she is telling friends there that she is hopeful she can move there.…

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