New Blind Item

Alarming Around The Children


Of all the family members that this actress could be targeting with her anger, she seems to have chosen a certain female relative.

Want to know why? Of course you do!

The popular version is has to do with some sort of spat before a family event.

In fact, that event was not the catalyst.

You actually have to go back a couple of years for this one.

It was one of the very first times the actress was brought into contact with her future brother-in-law, his wife, and their children.

Actress was on her best behavior, and was trying to impress her future BIL and SIL with how much she enjoyed meeting their family and spending time with them.

It was a casual event. The children were running around being noisy and playful.

At one point, Actress excused herself to another room to make a phone call.

She somehow wound up alone with one of the children. Perhaps the child simply ran into the room looking for her? Whatever the case, what happened next was the catalyst.

The Actress snapped a couple of quick photos of the child.

Perhaps it was innocent. Perhaps not.

When [SIL] found out, though, she was alarmed. They had just met [Actress] and she could not believe that [Actress] would try to photograph [Child] without parental consent in the few seconds that they were alone.

Actress tried to pass it off as some sort of innocent, spur-of-the-moment decision, but SIL never trusted her again after that.

What else had Actress done? Had she secretly photographed or recorded them? The children? The house? Other members of the family?

That meetup did not bring them together as family. If anything, it created distrust and a desire to keep a safe distance from Actress.

It may have also been one of the reasons BIL suggested to his brother that he should slow down the relationship.

Perhaps that was when Actress decided that SIL was her enemy.

Perhaps that is why Actress leaks stories to the media to try to portray SIL as a less-than-perfect mother and person. Someone who is privileged and cold and unwelcoming. Perhaps even… unaccepted of her race? Actress has been playing the victim for a while now, so we should not be surprised at any accusation she might make.

So, what was Actress planning to do with those photos?

That’s a good question.

We did find out later that Actress actually kept a diary of all family interactions. Perhaps those “innocent” photos, taken in secret, were meant to be part of that comprehensive chronicle.

We’ll see.

This is very true! It happened in December 2016, NYC confirmed it. MM sat on the arm of antique chair. We also told you that she had taken pictures. We all waited for their release. It was at this time that BRF was telling Harry to dump the chic. JD




Meghan Markle – Blind Gossip

You already know that this attractive woman was on a TV show.

That is what gave her the celebrity to advance her station in life via marriage to a man in a famous family.

What you don’t know is the extent of her career goals.

While she said she would give up acting to create a different life with her latest husband, that promise did not last long.

She changed her mind.

Some might say that she never really planned to give up acting. Some might say that her best acting she ever did was in the role of a dutiful partner who was willing to give up her former life for his life. Why? Because that role was more likely to to land her that ring and that big wedding and that rich, famous husband.

Who knows.

In any case, she has now publicly declared her intent to return to acting.

However, you didn’t think that she was planning back to a TV gig on the same level as her last acting job, did you?


She is more famous now. Not any more talented. But definitely much more famous.

It isn’t just that she is demanding movies instead of TV, or that she will only work with esteemed directors worthy of her presence. There’s more.

[She and her husband] have been spending a lot of time with [a talented couple] for a very specific reason.

That reason?

[The Talented Couple is] very plugged into Broadway. [Actress] sees herself not just as an actor but a singer and dancer as well. Her dream is to score a role that would normally go to an established triple threat. Her plan is for [The Talented Couple] to coach her and make the intros. She thinks that the lead in a Broadway musical and/or the lead in a movie musical would establish her as a star.

My, my, my. That is certainly a big goal! We have seen her act, but we have never seen her sing or dance in anything.

Wait a minute. Can she sing? Can she dance?

She can carry a tune. She took dance classes.

Whew! That’s a relief. We were a little concerned that an almost-40 actress who has never had a lead acting role in a major movie or even a TV show could pull this off. However, we can now see the error of our ways. If anything, our actress is over qualified for such a role.

But wait! There’s more!

She thinks that with the right roles, she could EGOT. [Her husband] is totally supportive.

We can see it now: Our triple threat actress… practicing in front of one of the many mirrors in her palatial home… giving her hapless husband and their crying child the hand… declaring, “Don’t bother me! I’m EGOTTING!”

If her husband is truly supportive, he should actually do something productive. Perhaps he could approach people at Hollywood parties and say, “Did you know that my wife is a triple threat? You should give her the lead role in your next musical!” That would definitely help. Everyone from Baz Luhrmann to Andrew Lloyd Webber would be eternally grateful.

And if she believes it and he supports it, our Actress should get what she wants, right? In fact, someone should start printing up the name plates for that Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony right now.

Blind Gossip – Harry and Meghan

The Switcheroo

 Some people think that this actress and her high-profile husband planned their current living situation from the beginning.

Well, we have some insight into how all of this actually went down!

Basically the plan started out as one thing… but was twisted into something very, very different over the course of less than two years.

The reason he proposed so fast was because he finally found someone who wanted exactly the same life that he wanted.

When did this revelation occur?

When they were on holiday in [A]. He told her that he did not want the highly scheduled and ceremonial life that was expected of him in [Country E].

What did he want?

He told her that what he really wanted was to continue the work of his mother. He wanted a life where he could spend part of the year in [E] and part of the year in [A] because that is where he felt the most happy and relaxed and could do the most good.

Well, he has always loved A. What was her reaction?

She told him that after spending time in [A] with him, she had grown to love it as much as he did. She said it would be a dream for her to give up her career and move to [A] with him and spend their lives together in [A] and then come back to [E] to be with his friends and family.

He believed her?

Absolutely! None of his past girlfriends wanted to move to [A]. He was chuffed to have finally found someone who understood him and wanted exactly the same life. She was perfect.

So he proposed and they got married and had a baby.

However, the plan evaporated. They never moved to A. And they left E.

What happened?

She told him that she still loved [A] but she had a lot of health and safety concerns about raising their child there. She also told him that his family in [E] made her very uncomfortable and that she feared their child would also be made to feel unwelcome and uncomfortable in that environment. She cried. He found that very distressing. He felt like she had sacrificed so much to be with him.

Which of them came up with the plan to move to C and then U?

I don’t know. He got into several rows with his family and his friends, made all sorts of ridiculous accusations, and then stopped communicating.

Let’s recap.

Our TV Actress told him she wanted to give up her career… move to A and E with him… fully embrace his family and friends… and spend their days doing charity work.

Instead, they moved to C and U… ditched his family and friends… revived her career… and are now involved in all sorts of money-making schemes.

Huh. That is the exact OPPOSITE of the agreed-upon plan!

Did she change her mind after they were married? Or did she plan to pull this little switcheroo from the beginning?

She couldn’t be that cruel. Or selfish. Or manipulative.

Could she?

BREAKING: Alliterate One is rumored to be using their fame as leverage to get lower prices on houses and/or Rent

Blind Item #1 – Royal Gossip

The alliterate one is rumoured to be using their fame as leverage to get lower prices on houses and/or reduce or very low rent. A friend who sells reality show ideas also has heard rumours She’s angling for a reality show. Desperation!

The top of the heap is rumoured to just want all of this to go away. She’s rumoured to have offered to help with money from her personal funds on the condition that they remain out of the spotlight. Apparently an agreement was made with monies paid and which they have already gone back on. Not surprising. Senior courtiers are calling them Mr and Mrs Davidson (alluding to David the duke of Windsor) Ouch

Another credible source has said that the upcoming nuptials will be canceled. Rumour is that the fiancee can’t keep it in his pants. As if she didnt know.

Rumour from my friends is that the top of the heap is also regularly meeting with the recent anniversary celebrator. The older one really likes her and is grooming her big time. Lots of jealousy from other family members.

More rumours and talk about the next in line/rumours about dementia and him being hard to handle. One story I was told is that due to the dementia male caregiving staff have to work with him exclusively because sexually inappropriate acting out behaviours have happened with female carers. This is not uncommon with dementia. Sad

Blind Gossip – Meghan Markle: Her Circle Of Friends May Not Hold

This actress is swearing that she had nothing to do with some of her friends going to the press to spin her story.


No one, and I mean NO ONE, who is close to her goes to the press without 1. her explicit permission and 2. her explicit instructions.

Some friends  – including some celebrities who suddenly became her friend right after she she got together with that unemployed rich man – simply stopped talking about her.

However, others were eager to prove their loyalty.

To claim that multiple friends went independently to the press to tell the exact same story, and that she had no idea or involvement in their actions  and that every person acted independently, is patently false and ridiculous.

Allegedly, there were multiple discussions to make sure their messaging was consistent.

Keep in mind that this situation was not a matter of life and death. This was a dumb exercise in vanity and power. Given that, will all of her friends be willing to go to the legal mattresses for her?

Some of them, yes, because they want to stay in her good graces. There is one, though, who is very scared. She doesn’t want to be cut out of the circle of friends, but she also doesn’t want to hurt her own reputation or face charges by lying in a deposition or on the stand.

This is definitely not working out the way actress thought it would.

Come Home Harry! CDAN blind item

Blind Item #7

The official outlet for royal leaks who prints only what they are told to by the monarchy says that the expatriate wants to come home and get back to work for the people of his country. Is it homesickness or a major crack in the foundation?

Many people think this blind is about Meghan Markle and her dad Thomas Markle

Blind Item #10

The parental unit of this A list celebrity went online and checked his bank account last week to see if an online payment had processed. What he found was a mysterious $100,000 deposit from some corporation that only exists on paper. Someone planted it there for a reason.

Blind Gossip: Like A Puppy Dog

 We told you months ago that this marriage was in trouble and that the wife was manipulating her husband.

Want a little more insight into what is going on behind the scenes? Of course you do! Here you go.

It may be hard to see this now, but he used to be a totally different guy. Very confident, lots of friends, knew who he was.

What happened?

She really messed with his head. She told him a few days after they met that they were soul mates and that they would be happy and spend their whole lives together. She was all over him. Then she would pull away and say she wasn’t sure and he would be really confused and go chasing after her.

That does sound confusing. What is their status as a couple?

She tries to make it seem in social media and in publicity leaks that their marriage is great and that they have made all their decisions together as a couple, but that’s not true at all.

Who is leading?

She makes every decision and convinces him to go along. I don’t even know how she does it. She has this weird power over him where he says and does really stupid things just to hold onto her. He’s being totally manipulated, but he doesn’t even see it. She is calling all the shots, including where they live and what they say about their marriage.

So, when is she going to let him go?

Not yet. They are legally married and she is still looking to advance her career.


She somehow manages to make him believe that their marriage is better and he will be happier if he just goes along and wants the same things she wants.

What does she want?

She wants movies but she will probably wind up on another TV show. She wants to make a ton of money. He doesn’t really have a job so it’s all about what she wants.


He’s just following her lead like a puppy dog. Like I said, she is manipulative.