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Blind Item #4 The alliterate celebrity who used to be an actress would love nothing more than to come to the States for the rest of her pregnancy. I told you before she was really pushing for a move to Canada and away from everything and she is telling friends there that she is hopeful she can move there. She sees no reason to stay overseas.

yeah, there is no reason Megsy. Your friends in high…

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I saw the blind item about the foreign superhero. And some people are saying it could be Henry Cavill. I don’t think this is true. I thinks it is just the author of the site trying to get people fired up.

Let’s hope it’s just that or at least pays the girl off. Age of consent is 16 in England. Yeah, I know,  sounds creepy but what does that say about a girl who was okay with it and now wants to out it and makes money. 

You shagged an Adonis with your girlfriends, high five your friends! 

thank you anon 🌺😎

I said you those fake bills . Goverment , wake up ! it’s thief alert 🚨🚨🚨

blind item Meghan

How do you make a little extra money if you have no income and are not allowed to work to generate any income but definitely have some things you want to buy and others you need to pay off to keep things quiet? Well, if you are this former actress you get clothes from friends that were given to them for free that you will wear. You then have the person in charge of the checkbook buy those clothes at full market value. The friends then split the money with our former actress 50/50. She is actually making more money now from this little ruse than she ever did acting or yachting. She was never a really big earner yachting wise. 

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Post About Blind

Hi JD,

I posted this on Skippy’s blog, but wanted you to have it too. Wasn’t sure if you guys are posting each other’s stuff. I just copied and pasted, so it’s the exact same.

Part 1

I just read the blind. This immediately sent pings to a story I am not that familiar with, but have read about a dozen times or so over the past 2 years. Each time I read about it, I get the feeling that there is a hell of a lot more that is not being mentioned. I hesitate to expand much on this right now, but here are several articles I pulled off the internet.

My opinion is that this guy is a squealer and has been cutting deals for a long time. He has been being investigated for 2 years by at least the US and probably other countries. I would bet everything I own that the Feds and others have unearthed a lot of info about a lot of people.

I think he ran a very complex money laundering scheme, but the guy was kind of a dork and a celeb stalker. He gave Miranda Kerr MILLIONS in jewels, which she HAD to return per gov’t. I think he had really bad judgement for a high dollar criminal, but was eager to please celebs and likely did whatever anyone asked of him. Thus, if PA or Epstein or person unknown asked him to transfer money to someone, he would and was dumb enough to keep the records (or maybe really smart and knew he could turn others in if he got caught).

Enty of CDAN has a dozen or more blinds about him and Leo and Miranda. I never could figure out why Enty was so interested in him or where he might have gotten his PA info the past 2 years… We’re talking BILLIONS laundered.



Part 2

Oh, I should have added to my submitted post that Miranda Kerr was an alleged YACHT GIRL. Articles state that she was Jho Low’s girlfriend, but Enty on CDAN clearly gave info saying she was NOT Low’s girlfriend, but a yacht girl. Another crossover to another alleged yacht girl (a new royal perhaps?) and her associates. Perhaps, PA knew of his new family member through these associates? Thus, his disdain and anger.

Great work anon!! 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

there a blind at cdan about Meghan not being able to have kids or trouble having kids and possibly using a surrogate.

Yes, brought again, she apparently can’t have kids and has known about it. The DNA doesn’t match no heirs to the throne. No live birth doesn’t count, I hope the PR know this or are they going to coerce *cough* blackmail. You guys know it would have to be the government, they do the checking. Again, you’re not in America. You can only push so far before someone bites back. 

Thank you anon 💐💐

Another Cdan blind..

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Blind Item #15

Despite him spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to support her when she was struggling, this former actress turned A+ list celebrity threw her dad under the bus. He now lives in near poverty.

Tom been selling pictures, not so poor anymore, she did throw him under the bus 

Blind Items

I know you don’t overly believe blind items JD just the mess in Texas is reminding me of at least 2 that have come out recently.

Meghan not being seen leaving the airport with the other cast member, staying at a separate hotel etc this come to mind. Perhaps her cast mates have been giving bits away for a while now.

#1 – This B+ list mostly television actress from a very hit long-running cable show has been a no show for filming for the upcoming season. There had been some bad blood at the end of last season between her and some others but everyone thought it was all good at this point.

The reading in a British accent reminding me of a Feb blind that Meghan was the answer.

This Los Angeles born B list mostly television actress has gone the way of Madonna and the Goopster.


While promoting her new show she has started using a British accent.

She says it is because she just absorbs languages and accents.

Uh huh.

Most people say it is because she is annoying and thinks she is better than everyone.

Megan Markle

Nutty, I feel the same way about the blinds, they do have me reading more of them especially with Henry Cavill.  Is her cast mates dropping hints? It’s looking that way.