A Take on Enty Blinds

A Take on Enty Blinds

Anonymous said:
JD, you could read Enty’s latest blind as PC encouraging MM to act out in order to stress HM so much she abdicates, or worse, that it kills her. That would give PC extra time as king (top of the pile) that he wouldn’t otherwise have. It is conceivable HM could live as long as her mother and PC doesn’t. Then, if she keeps to her word never to abdicate, PC would never have any time…

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Which one?

Anonymous said:
That blind is about Grace Kelly. I like her too, but she was a yachter, slept w many costars and had an abortion before her marriage. She was no virginal bride and was known to be very unhappy in her royal life.
The anon was talking in general??  Unsolved, I took as talking about blinds, in general, she does reference Harry and Meg.…

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✨This just in from CDAN #15 This is what I been saying! ✨

Blind Item #15It is all fluff pieces from the tabloids about the alliterate former actress turned world celebrity. Never once do they write about the huge list of demands she has for every appearance, and look out if those demands are not met. No one behind the scenes who has encountered her on this trip has really anything nice to say about her. The person in front of the camera is not the same as the one when it is turned off. All you have to do is look at how miserable everyone else looks.
This is what I’ve been saying all along, MM reads something here and demands it, she wants, she demands it. Out of control DIVA!!! and the bitch don’t tip!
Thank you anon  🌸🌸😎

AnonTime! Lots of blinds

AnonTime! Lots of blinds

Anonymous said:

A lot of blinds coming out on MM lately.


Very suspicious, Enty knows it too, that’s why he mentioned Trevor. Covering your ass.  Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎http://gty.im/1052486968

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I am curious why you don’t post and/or comment on any of the CDAN blinds about Henry Cavill but do for Markle/Harry? According to CDAN Henry is a Herpes infected pervert and an asshole and possible pedo yet you still fangirl him. I’ll be surprised if you post this ask.

Since you know how to send anon, then I guess you know how to use search, it got me blocked from Henry Cavill news smarty pants. For your information, 90% of the world has some form of herpes. Also, the age of consent is 16 in the UK and Tara was 19 that doesn’t make him a pervert, he went out with her for a year. 

Yeah, I’ll still fan girl him, he is a hot guy