Working on the house this weekend, MM London Marathon

Thank you for being patient, I’m still working on the house.

Vintage tells me MM was given patronage for the London Marathon, okay we can clearly see they are still covering for her.  That means Meghan is here to stay, and I don’t like it any more than the next guy.

I believe it should be what Harry wants, Harry gets, not the Meghan narrative.  They drop nasty stuff online and get rewarded, that is the outrageous part about this.  I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but thems the apples!

Harry is happier doing solo engagements, and he is uptight enabling his narcissist, it must be hell, but we can’t change anything. Harry will one day realize he has had enough and until that day, laugh at it, it’s a circus that will never end.

No, thank you! I’m not shutting my blog down. I don’t appreciate the strong-arming. 🌸😎💋


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Thank you JD and friends 🌸😎

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Hey listen up! will become

We are growing, and I snagged Vintage as a partner, and she is a Jersey girl! She gets me; I get her.  As soon as I figure out how to make the switch, we will send out a post to you.

This has been a wonderful experience, and I made lots of friends from all over the world. We cried, laughed and had threats made to us just like the reporters are experiencing. 😳

Our goal is to bring people together through communication, understanding, and the first step is the conversation.  We are here for you to take your opinions, thoughts, your feelings. It doesn’t matter what side you’re on.  Don’t be afraid I think you will be amazed.

If you see a post and it doesn’t have to be Royal, send it to us. Let’s share the internet together! Souls wanted so sign up today.

Vin and JD 🌸😎

we changed our theme and we are doing some decorating

Hey Peeps! Lots of stuff happening on

Hey Peeps! Lots of stuff happening on

Vin and I  had a huge pow wow last night, and we were talking about where we want to see the site going.  We love that we get to chat with all you and we want to keep that going.  I built this site for everybody.  There is a royal afterlife, and things will either pick up and get nasty (they will) we need to have something in place.  

For now, send in stuff that you like, you can bring it to the…

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Hey Peeps! Lots of stuff happening on

Vin and I  had a huge pow wow last night, and we were talking about where we want to see the site going.  We love that we get to chat with all you and we want to keep that going.  I built this site for everybody.  There is a royal afterlife, and things will either pick up and get nasty (they will) we need to have something in place.  

For now, send in stuff that you like, you can bring it to the forum or as anon. We can add to the blog in the home feed; it’s nice that this plugin has categories. The stuff this plugin does is endless! We are just beginning to experiment with it. 

We have Valentine’s day💖 coming up, let’s figure romantic stuff we can suggest or a site for lingerie, flowers, chocolates. Tell us your Valentine confessions. 

We had a big discussion on black history month; we want to do this right. If you have suggestions for artist, music, politics or someone in your life that inspired you, send it and share it. I think if we have the conversations and see one another as people, we can accomplish much together.  

Look for a name change to the site, I’m checking into it. Stay tuned. 


Hello Friends, I’m coming back on

What a day! Phew glad everything is back on, area outage on cable, water main repair, I’m being pulled in all kinds of directions.

When things are out of your control, don’t sweat it, you can’t do a damn thing about it,  back grab a refreshing beverage and relax. Take a well-deserved nap or read a book.

Anon is always open on the website hosted by WordPress. I left it on tumblr for those for some reason that can’t reach

Remember to laugh, have fun and don’t sweat this, as I said, things are out of our control, and all we can do is comment on them. Get snacks and drinks. The show must go on, and no one will be flogged in Trafalgar Square today. The Royals will hope this goes away on its own and they will carry on.

We have to watch they ever-changing jelly belly of sMegs sMarkle the crazy loon Prince Harry married.

Wendyrite from tumblr submitted jellybelly in reverse it’s amusing, I hope you enjoy!

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Coming back on a few minutes

Thanks to everyone for being cool during the tour of the Dipsy Doodle and The Bump.  I know we are exhausted from the weird hours since we on the East Coast of the United States.

We are still going to cover Royal Drama, but we have every intention to move into other categories.  Vin and I ask you to use categories to look up your favorites.

Henry Cavill is still my favorite star, and I will continue the quest to find out everything about Witcher that will make this a cult classic we know it will be. Submit on the website any information found.

Love Vin and JD 🌸🌸😎

Good Morning everybody!

Thanks for being patient while I took a day off.  I heard everybody loved Vin and Breezy! Don’t forget you can ask for their opinions.  Just send anon to the anon button is on the header bar. It’s a very easy form you can send long asks, articles, links and pictures, videos in one form.

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