Anon said: Could Meghan start TIG Blog again

Anon said: Could Meghan start TIG Blog again

Could Meghan start BLOGGING again? Duchess fuels speculation she is relaunching her Hollywood lifestyle website The Tig after her business manager filed to keep the trademark until 2021

Sure, why not, who’s going to stop her? Meghan does what she…

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Great News! Felix is on

Great News! Felix is on

Great News! Felix is coming to

Please join me in welcoming Felix back to We met in the Daily Mail comment section, and he came to tumblr as a reader blog. I talked him into blogging, and he built quite an audience. Felix hails from down under and gives his no-nonsense approach.

We used to say that Felix played with his pray before rolling it.

Many people are…

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It seems quiet for the moment

It seems quiet for the moment

It started bad, my youtube plugin stopped working, Google is sending me stuff that something wrong. Where is a kid when you need one? I do not understand half of this developers stuff.

Having a conversation with my peer group is challenging, I bet they never ask me what I’m up to again.

Sad part my husband said maybe I should be married to a nerd! That’s an ego boost ! and to find someone who is…

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MM IG Page Rumor

MM IG Page Rumor

Anonymous said:
Some people on the Internet say that MM deleted all the IG posts about her father when she used it again for a short time.
It’s just a rumor from some swiss girl, I posted it a while ago, my question is, how does she know that?  That would mean she told someone. Markle did this on the way to the engagement, so look who is in the car at that time?  Meghan  or Amy? Thank you anon…

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The tea rooms are jerseydeanne forums , please stop by and state your opinions, make a friend

The tea rooms are jerseydeanne forums , please stop by and state your opinions, make a friend

Bring links, pictures, link to a video, guests are welcome. Please be adult about it.  We aren’t just about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Vintage and I would be happy to set up a private forum for a group.  It’s free to use.  If you like to contribute and have your own page, contact Vintage or JD and we will gladly set you up.

We are looking for the best of the internet if you see something…

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Thank you to the anons and our visitors

Thank you to the anons and our visitors

On behalf of Vin, breezy, Felix, Joseph and myself, We thank you for bringing great questions,  comments, and funny stuff to this comedy of errors. Don’t stop, keep sending them in!

We might not perfect and don’t expect you to be either, that’s the beauty of freedom of speech.  Let’s figure it out together.  We have lots of folks from around the world, and we want to know your opinion.  I’ve…

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I hope you guys are enjoying how fast everything has got since I installed the new theme

I hope you guys are enjoying how fast everything has got since I installed the new theme

I was so scared that everything would get screwed up, but it was the best decision I made.  Vin and I love YouTube 💖💖 we have so much to offer you for your entertainment experience. We are so excited; I was almost in tears last night when things just worked.

Felix and I talked about putting the forum back up; I paid for it, why not?!  Lots more people are visiting here maybe you’ll enjoy talking…

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harrymarkle website on WordPress

harrymarkle website on Wordpress

Just stumbled upon this website. I’m wondering if anyone has seen it or if it might help with figuring out the Meghan and Harry mess?


I don’t have any computes skills, so I hope I did this correctly.

Thank you anon,  I’m the original blogger that busted this wide open, it’s flattering to see people use come of my catchphrases. 🌸🌸😎

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