Did you try a pay per gig site like fiverr for the wordpress issues? There is also a way to connect tumblr to a website and keep it tumblr-esque. Including comment sections. I’ve seen it with food tumblrs on Nenny’s blog. When you click the link to some blogs it sends you directly to the a website. The sites don’t have dot tumblr in their web address but they appear to be actual tumblr websites. I’m probably not explaining this right. (Hope your appt. went well)

Thank you I appreciate it, WP gave me a link to developers for WordPress that I can hire. I’m not leaving tumblr, I wanted to reach out to IG, twitter, Tumblr in one post, maybe make some money back to cover the cost of blogging. , it’s getting expensive.  When my friends’ sites got shut down we all decided to go to WordPress, I decided to do it right the first time, aggravating, yes, but I think our vision will prove to a fun and informative website.  I know Henry Cavill fans will appreciate that, Henry get’s lost with Harry on tumblr, now he has a dedicated category along with my other interests.