It’s a sad day when you reblog, and the blogger says they don’t want you reblogging their stuff because of political affiliations with Trump. History will vindicate him as he was never racist, never part of any collusion or a Russian Puppet like Biden is for the Ukraine and China. There is no such thing as unconscious bias, it’s junk science. The narratives are from the left to scare you, IMO brainwash you into believing the sky is falling, It’s not. Global warming/climate change is a scam, their data is incomplete. Watch and listen to Dr. Willie Soon, he has the figures, and he’s also funny.

IMO, I think we can overlook those differences and still be friends with one another. We should come together and celebrate our differences. That’s what makes America Great! 


Dont pay attention to trolls, JD

Dont pay attention to trolls, JD

Dear JD, you are not on your Tumbler blog anymore? Ban all the trolls. Don’t engage with those who tell you that you are Pro-MM, got paid off, and stuff like this. I am not saying everyone is a troll. Some just prefer to live in a fantasy land instead of accepting reality. No, I don’t believe anymore that Harry is not a part of it. It’s all MM … (like some still believe) I hope you will be here…

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Putting a WordPress blog together for beginners

Putting a WordPress blog together for beginners

Anonymous said:
Hi JD, I am thinking of starting a WordPress Blog and wanted to ask you a couple of questions. 1) I am beginner level on computers and wanted to know if WP was difficult to put together? 2) Where do I go to create a domain name and does it cost a lot? 3) I like so many subjects but am having difficulty narrowing it down. Not sure about choosing a subject? Sorry if this sounds…

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Jerseydeanne and Felix2001a The Story about how we met – Part 1 – JD story

Jerseydeanne and Felix2001a The Story about how we met – Part 1 – JD story

Hello and welcome to our site, a labor of love, sweat, and tears, which began on tumblr and the Daily Mail comment section.

JD’s story,  I started off doing Pinterest nursing an epidural shot that went wrong in 2015, by 2016 I was looking to expand into British royals and Prince Harry.

Since Harry was just in Florida for the Invictus games, I thought, I’m so proud of him; his mother is smiling…

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Hi JD, Yes, I realize it would be a nightmare to collate and my apologies for not immediately understanding what it would mean for you, in terms of work needed. Please do take care of your health too. Maybe we need not go in the mountains of previous Tmblr posts, but with wordpress one can start from current info and add and delete categories and update ( I have a WP blog, but on a totally unrelated topic that is to do with my profession, and I am not using it much now). .

It’s set up better for me to go one by one quickly, I Like the categories, so poor Henry Cavill doesn’t have to go hidden in Harry Windsor drama. Not many people know how long I’ve been at it. When anon busted my chops about losing anons, I still have great numbers.  In the beginning, it was me, and I talked NYC into it, we were busy 24/7 then KUWBD, Vin then I talked Felix into it. Now we have numerous new bloggers with their points of view, and I love them for it.

Thank you anon