It’s a strong Boo in the beginning

It’s a strong Boo in the beginning

Anonymous said:

I can hear the booing, in the beginning, a halfway through; it’s just muffled because of the clapping. But, you can definitely hear it. I honestly in all my 57 years think I have ever heard a royal booed before. Let me see, nope not HM or PP, not Charles or Diana or even Camilla and certainly not Wills and Kate. This is bad.

Good Reason too, this…

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Video of the Boo

Video of the Boo

JKR () submitted:

Meghan and Harry were booed last night – Harry looked unhappy and worried.

Youtube video:

Meghan Markle Gets Booed at Royal Albert Hall

I hear a big BOO in the beginning, but it’s over-turned by thunderous applause.  I can see her mothering and smothering him.  This one a sly one, he does this thing with the side of his mouth that…

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OH the DM knows exactly what they are doing

OH the DM knows exactly what they are doing

Anonymous said:
OH the DM knows exactly what they are doing. So does the BRF. That article on the expense of her clothes has provoked some heartfelt pleas to the Queen to stop this before it threatens the existence of the monarchy. I know all we hear is “patience” but I do think the patience of the British public is wearing thin. She better not misbehave at Remembrance Day. She and Harry may find…

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This site is getting better by the day.

This site is getting better by the day.

JD I have to say. I love the site. It works well and you have done an amazing job. It looks professional and stylish. Keep up the great work.

Love felix2001a❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Felix, I love you💋 for everything you do. You had encouraged me, given me emotional support when I needed it most, that to me is priceless.  We did close 17k page views last week on

JD, Felix, and Vin would like to thank…

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