Plant, in legal terms, there is such a thing called ‘ Prescription’. I think it basically means, that after a legally prescribed number of years, no legal action can take place. This referred to a debt, but does this apply in this case, Prescription ? What is the longest time available to sue or not in Britain?



We call it “statute of limitations” in the US. The FT has some info.

So it’s a six-year statute of limitations…but they made an exception for Harry?????? How does that work? It’s not like he didn’t know his phone had been hacked. It was in all the newspapers. What was his excuse for not filing the suit in a timely manner? “Well, your honor, I wasn’t married to a skank actress with tons of dirt in her past then and I didn’t need to file a lawsuit to keep the tabs quiet on her shenanigans, obviously things have changed now…”????

This is bizarre.


That’s bullshit! The people, the taxpayers, will flip out.