Boos were for Meghan

Boos were for Meghan

My guess is the boos were for Meghan and her spending. People do seem very upset about that. I hope the RF has a good plan for dealing with this cause there is a point at which Harry is a victim of this woman narc.

I think you’re right, is this Harry coming to grips about his decisions to go through with it?  Meghan has spent a fortune in less than a year!  The taxpayers…

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Meghan’s fans admit they were booed

Meghan’s fans admit they were booed

Anonymous said:

Some of Meghan’s fans admit that Harry and Meghan were booed last night. Elle, Out there, Canada, about a minute ago: I don’t mind Meghan at all. I was certainly shocked when they were booed last evening.

That has to be tough to hear, and I don’t care what side you’re on.  If you live your life in the public eye, not everyone is going to love you.

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