Guilty Pleasure Time! NE Truth Behind War with Meghan Markle!

For our friends in the UK, I will copy and paste, they are blocked, not deleted in your kingdom.  I have given a tip that the powers that be will leak to this outlet.  Here we go…

Prince William has been at war with Meghan Markleas he fears she will heap shame on the royal family.

Insiders say the prudish royal — whose wife has been battling with Meghan for months — also keeps his distance from her as he suspects she has a “questionable showbiz past” that will eventually come back to bite the royals.

William — second in line to the throne — also fears Meghan, 37, is also trying to mold Harry in her own image and forced lifestyle choices on him including veganism and juice diets.

And he fears if Meghan and Harry, 34, ever split she’ll “do the dirty on the entire family” with the most explosive book and ever written.

Our palace insider added: “William is very straight-laced and edgy when it comes to Meghan. He sees her as an outsider who should never have been let into the inner circle, and firmly believes there is a lot more scandal to be played out about Meghan’s past life.”

He has been reading a series of rumors about the duchess online — which can’t be reprinted for legal reasons — and insiders say he will “never become friends” with his brother’s wife.

Meghan Markle and Prince William are feuding

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The source added, “You only got to look at her car crash of a family to what kind of stock she is from and now she’s at the heart of the establishment.”

We have already revealed how Meghan pens a daily diary chronicling her life, which she stashes at home.

The Suits star also wrote an anonymous blog called “The Working Actress” when she was struggling to make it in showbiz — in which she confessed she had “magical boobs.”

Our source said: “Her daily notes are being referred to as “The Princess Diaries” and everyone fears she could ‘do a Diana’ on the Royals by leaving Harry and shafting everyone with a best-seller that would earn one of the biggest publishing advances in history.”

Meghan has been around the royal family for more than two years. Royal protocol would prevent the newly-titled Duchess of Sussex from publishing a book while still a member of the household.

But any future split from Harry — whom she met in June 2016 — would prompt massive interest in her writings from publishing houses across the world. A separate source added: “Any book from a Duchess who was at the very center of the British Royal family would create a feeding frenzy.”

“The advance and the subsequent sales would be off the charts — that’s as long as it is a warts and all story. People would want all the gossip, the intrigue and rifts and rows — and Meghan would give it to them.”

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Pregnant Meghan has already proved she’s got an eye for a story. For two years until 2012, her candid blog was a must-read for aspiring Hollywood actors. The Internet diary — penned in a confessional style — chronicled her triumphs and tribulations as she “hustled” in search of stardom. Other entries exposed the darker side of Tinseltown.

The tyrannical casting directors and “b–chy” rivals with whom she vied for roles were detailed in the blog, along with descriptions of hard-driving producers who treated the cast like “show ponies” and enlisted a doctor to inject them with vitamins so they stayed fit for work.

She also described how awkward it felt to act out a love scene with an actor whose passions had run away with him.

But she couldn’t risk putting her name to such a candid work.

She called herself “The Working Actress” and used a silhouette of an empty director’s chair as her logo, declining to identify herself even when mainstream news channels began clamoring to interview her.

Meghan called time on the diary after landing her big break in Suits and it was only last year it was revealed she was behind the online memoir.


Samantha Markle announces releasing second book

Samantha Markle announces she’s releasing a SECOND book about Meghan this year
  • Samantha Markle announced a second book on half-sister Meghan on Twitter
  • Florida-based Samantha, 54, shared the news with followers over the weekend
  • Hinted that the second book would be released in June, after first April ‘tell-all’

Hey Aida, thank you for sending me this, Sam likes to take pot shots at the media! She 🤬ing with them, it’s her right to defend herself, and she likes going after her trolls because they drew first blood and I mean that literally, they like to push her off a cliff in a wheelchair!  Where is that story? Where is the story of all the abuse we’ve taken over the past two years? Not poor troll MM is getting criticism, get over it!

Samantha Markle took to Twitter over the weekend to announce that she will be releasing a second book on half-sister Meghan, and hinted that it would go on sale in June 2019

Our people stay in their lane, they won’t let Markle’s past be swept under the rug, so you do have to deal with it.  We feel as though our beloved BRF and the people of UK deserve someone better than a one and done yachter.

If Sam had another book or a book, the publisher would do all the PR, and they wouldn’t do it this way.  Take this with a grain of salt.  It’s sensationalism.  Plus I knew three weeks ago this was going to happen, lol.

Harry, take your nutsack back love.


Prince Charles book is hard to interpret

The PC book is hard to interpret It looks like Harry is being thrown under the bus. Described as a publicity hound, unstable, stressed out tense and thoroughly under MM’s thumb. Mean and snippy to PC during the wedding after PC salvaged the wedding. Distant abrupt and demanding with staff. Meanwhile subtle digs at MeAgain but largely very positive about her. Which we know is not true. Is this PC’s revenge for Harry throwing him under the bus?
Subtle is not going to do it with MM, oh no way, it would be a waste of time.  Okay if you look at it as throwing harry under the bus well, that might work.  Harry wants everyone to look at him as charming, likable, ahh kid. We are finding out differently, aren’t we? Harry is not this well-meaning kid , he loves the PR as much as his fame ho wife.
Sorry, Harry, you’re going to have to learn it the hard way dude.
Prince Charles has to save the rest of the family because one day I realized doing an ask that it would all be blamed on the monarchy. This was a smart move.  This I agree with, let senior writers tell the story.  He doesn’t attack MM cause we know what would happen there.  The BRF would be picking up a case of R-cards.
I’m going to follow that lead. I for one have waited for Charles to become King if legacy is going to be tarnished by an ungrateful son and daughter in law, time to put a little distance between them.  At least that’s what I’m thinking.  I would love some input by SoAn or lily.
Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎

The Gloves are off! PW and PH

Alright, gloves off! Didn’t PW and PH begin to question their mother’s cause of death several years ago. Then, it went dark, no more talk? Curious, PC left out of her tribute, book on PC began shortly after. What do these 2 Princes really know about their mother? What does PC not want everyone to know?
Yes, they did, there was an investigation and it was determined that it was because of drunk driving.  Prince Charles should it won’t get him anywhere, that would backfire.
Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎

Maybe Meghan Markle shouldn’t have a title if she want to modernize

The Express article with Morton – it is ridiculous

MM needs to know her place.  This is why she is not getting Royal anything.  Diana 2.0 hogwash. If it’s such a marathon how come move to marry so fast? 

Please, someone, buy her a carriage ride for the love of God! 

Thank you ckob 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹