This just in Migrants attack CBP! Dan Bongino on Ilhan Omar, AOC


Hero of the Month! Thomas Homan~ Give them hell Thomas!

Hero of the Month! Thomas Homan~ Give them hell Thomas!

Mr. Holman chewed AOC out for insensitive comments made about border control agents.  Border Patrol agent consists of every color of the rainbow. He slammed her for not giving them the resources they needed during this crisis.

Mr. Homan went on to say, that yes, he had tried rescue a dying child that had traveled in the back of semi…

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It won’t end well

It won’t end well

Pelosi needs to step up and do her job. It won’t end well. This Congresswoman is absolutely and totally out of control. Who those so-called “experts” does she refer to in her tweet? Who are they? Name one?

For months, and months, and months border patrol agents were telling the exact same thing we see in those pictures AOC posted out on her Twitter. Rooms are overcrowded, but no one is forced…

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Like him or hate him, but he’s keeping his promises

Like him or hate him, but he’s keeping his promises

Pelosi claims that Dems will come on board to close asylum loopholes in our immigration system. “The tweet came after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif, called Trump Friday and urged him to call off the raids …” Trump made it clear if you want to come to the US, you must do it legally. You must go through all the necessary steps to obtain proper documents. It’s that simple.…

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