People ~ Simon Perry on the Queens jewels ~ Meghan Markle

People ~ Simon Perry on the Queens jewels ~ Meghan Markle

Simon is a sweet person and has been Meghan’s pap since the beginning, but I have to say stop kissing her assets. Can’t Meghan borrow a broach? I’ll stick with the other articles saying she can’t.  That hierarchy comes first.

Or this could be to draw us out to…

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MM s just ‘meh’ and boring

MM s just ‘meh’ and boring

Anonymous said:
The comparison with the Sharon Stone picture just shows how MM is lacking in allure. The Sharon Stone picture draws your eye and it impossible to ignore. The MM picture – the tea-towels in my kitchen are more eye-catching, quite frankly. She is just ‘meh’ and boring and it shows. Nothing to make you want to look at the picture and everything to make you want to move on as quickly…

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