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Fame Whoring away! Moody Markle

Fame Whoring away! Moody Markle

ah, Megsy always looking straight at the camera! Doesn’t she know it makes her look contrived? LOL. She really hit the botox and lip filler for the pics on Christmas.

Hold on a second… 🤣🤣🤣🤣
MM is still a bore, Yes contrived, it’s not a beauty pageant for love of God.  I really missed Camilla! She was priceless last year.  The look on Jack and Eugenie face was like oh the neighbor from hell is…

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Not Pregnant and Pregnant

Not pregnant and pregnant

Pregnant and not pregnant MM has the same thin face, at four months of pregnancy it is impossible to have a thin face, woman are already swollen, and with a round face, increases the double chin, none of this happens in MM

Each one of us, to observe and take opinions.



Thank you Joseph! Let’s point out how cray cray MM looks in picture number one, spources tell me that she fell into a vat of highlighting powder. That why she looks a f🤬 mess. Picture number two she is so innocent at $500 an hour.

Thank you, Joseph,🌸🌸😎

Botoxic Stare ~ Anon

Botoxic Stare ~ Anon

Anonymous said:
#botoxic stare. Lol JD! Keep ‘em coming 😉
 Thank you anon! I give you the faraway look!  actors practice in the mirror, MM is always the actress! 🌸🌸😎 Keep ’em Coming!
WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND – OCTOBER 29: Meghan, Duchess of Sussex meets children during a visit to Marenui Cafe on October 29, 2018 in Wellington, New Zealand. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are on…

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