Meghan Markle’s Twitter bot network: ‘The whole thing is a bit insane’


Anon said: Meghan and Harry bought some new IG Bots

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gain 500,000 Instagram fans in FOUR days after revealing their plans to quit as senior royals – and are now just 200,000 behind Prince William and Kate Middleton’s 10.8million followers.

Yep, it’s bots, look at how many likes they actually get compared to who follows them.  Sunshine Sachs is famous for LARPS, trolls, shills whatever you want to call it. 

Meghan Markle, a con artist, a fake and a liar

Meghan Markle, a con artist, a fake and a liar

A while back I sent an anon about MM hiring trolls. It was so obvious to anyone who was paying attention!

She also opened bogus Instagram accts to write racist messages to herself on her IG which she leveraged to get the statement. And all these ‘celebrities’ who tweet in her support, what’s there cut?

Because celebs get paid to tweet and post about brands, and we all know MM considers herself a…

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Old posts, Social Media Intern ~ Bots, sock puppets

Old posts, Social Media Intern ~ Bots, sock puppets

These posts are fantastic! This was from early on in the game with Meghan Markle before she nailed Prince Harry.

This situation was well planned and executed. If the farce sounds scripted because I believe it is.  Everyone in the scam has a role to play right down to the family.

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JKR submitted:Don’t Post On This Article!

JKR submitted:Don’t Post On This Article!

JKR submitted:

Don’t Post On This Article!

Meghan’s PR team is deleting comments again – Best Rated comments disappear, and people complain that their comments were removed within seconds.

Samantha Markle reveals bitter feud with her sister and Harry began when the Prince referred to the Royals as ‘the family I suppose Meghan has never had’ in controversial 2017 radio interview


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Selling fake social media popularity is a very big business

Selling fake social media popularity is a very big business