Stockholm Harry!

Team Harry went to the mat for Harry, and we were warning him at every turn. The Dimwitted Prince fell for her line of BS, and now they have managed to take part of the mystique away from the Monarchy.

Behind the scenes, we fought with one another over opinions on how we should spin things. We knew about Harry’s indiscretions and drug use, but we carried on like the soldiers we were. You guys know how hard I fought for Harry and the Invictus Games.  Whitehats were here trying to help, but he blew Toronto!  The white hats abandoned him after Toronto and wanted to get me out in October 2017.  I should have left; it was a wasted year. I should have joined team Q much earlier.

Harry chose MM over sound advice that she wanted a huge payout! Initially, sources said, she wanted the wedding to kick start her career. The wedding was the payoff and like the lying NARC that she wants more. She was holding Harry and Archie hostage from the Royal family.  MM reneges on every agreement she had with the Royals.

Thankfully, the Royals have woken up and stopped her from branding the Royal name that I also predicted, and no one believed me. It’s thoughts that creep into my head, the more I type, the clearer those thoughts become. Meghan is absolutely desperate right now. The 31st is the end of her Royal adventure.  I think she will say F it and use the word Royal that’s how delusional she is, MM believes she is the Queen, she is batshit crazy!

Now, Harry totally under her NARC spell, where we can call it Stockholm Syndrome. I was sent an anon back in 2018 that said as long as Harry goes along, nobody will get hurt. WTF! That’s why you are seeing a compliant Harry.

Here is the thing Harry is back friends with Inskip, that’s a good thing in my book. Hopefully, he can persuade him back to the light.

God bless you all, 🙏🏼


Anon submitted: Meghan and Harry trademark

A right royal cash in! How Prince Harry and Meghan Markle trademarked over 100 items from hoodies to socks SIX MONTHS before split with monarchy – and could be set to make MILLIONS

We don’t have to buy their brand of bullshit either! Meghan has had this planned from the start. She always planned to be a billionaire. She didn’t care who gets hurt. 

MM Nose

MM Nose

Anon~ Daniel Martin People

Anon~ Daniel Martin People


Anonymous said:
Hi JD, I wanted to share this article from People today with an in-depth interview from MM’s makeup artist Daniel Martin with an actual link to buy the Soho teahouse setting.
My first thought is how is allowed to do this considering her dad? My second thought, is, do you think he is Jess Mulroney, Part II? Will he be her approved conduit to merch lifestyle while…

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Meghan Markle Branding on her own is what’s next?

Meghan Markle Branding on her own is what’s next?

Anonymous said:
this is what is next – she has already been working on branding herself minus Harry. But now she needs some A-list event exposure. Like showing up at the UN or doing some NYC major charity fundraiser event. Yeah showing up at the Emmy’s would be her dream. She has to be a brand of her own. She is still using the RF for pr but she needs to get her own pr without the RF. That is…

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